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How to design the perfect logo

| Google Coca-Cola How To Design The Perfect logo Canon printer & scanner ATI Ford CNN (intel *** JBL EURO SPORT INTERNATIONAL Unilever Creating the perfect logo design is no easy task. It's something that professional designers spend years of their lives getting to grips with and yet still, many of them fail (pretty miserably too). Truth is, anyone can learn them and here they are. Keep it simple "Good design is as little design as possible" Dieter Rams, 1978 Most designers have a tendency to overcomplicate things. But when it comes to logo design, simplicity is paramount. Think of any iconic logo that springs to mind for example, you can bet it's not an overly complicated design. - they all have simplistic design at heart. ............................... What should you do? BBC abc Try to keep things as simple as possible. • Constantly ask yourself, does that element really need to be there? • Does it play a vital role? If the answer is no, get rid of it. Simplicity is as simple as that. adidas Coca-Cola Keep Colour Psychology In Mind Colour is more than a just an attractive element for a logo design, it actually represents the emotion(s) associated with the brand. Warm, Friendly, Appetising Ethical, Fresh, Natural, Ecological Innovation, Youth, Fun, Affordability Professional, Calm, Trust, Authority, Success Energy, Aggression, Danger, Passion, Warmth Luxury, Wisdom, Dignity, Wealth Power, Feminine, Fun, Flirty Sophistication Masculine, Pure, Clean, Rural Simplicity Each colour invokes a different emotion or response. Red, for example, is perceived as energetic and passionate whereas green presents an image of a fresh and ethical brand. White on the other hand represents cleanliness, simplicity and purity. "Colour does not add a pleasant quality to a design, it reinforces it" Pierre Bonnard What should you do? When choosing a colour (or colours) for your logo design, keep colour psychology in mind. The colour choices you make should not only reflect the brand but also, ensure that it appeals to its target demographic. Keep The Brand In Mind "Your goal is not to make an image. It's to make a statement!" stv Tom Asacker The perfect logo should convey everything the brand stands for by utilising colour, shape, form and typography. A logo shouldn't define a brand; a brand should define a logo. It's important to remember that. The brand isn't defined by the logo, the logo is defined by the brand. The quality and simplicity of Apple logo represents the quality and simplicity of Apple products. What should you do? Research the brand you're working with as in-depth as possible. Learn their brand guidelines and what they stand for. Keep this in mind when designing. Keep Timelessness In Mind ELloyds TSB TWININGS BERETTA "Quality is timeless: It will clearly define itself" Dwight Yoakam What makes a timeless logo? Simplicity, quality and branding. Take the Coca Cola logo for instance; this logo has remained largely the same for the past hundred years or so. Coke Coca-Cola Coke Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Coca-Cola CocaCola Coke 1969 1985 1987 1993 2003 2007 What should you do? Don't utilise short-lived design trends (e.g. "flat design") but instead, keep things simple and make sure to design the logo around the qualities of the brand. Keep Greatness In Mind "Good is the enemy of great" Jonathan Ive It's easy to settle for a good logo design, but only a truly great design will stand the test of time. The reason being that good design can often appear great to the untrained eye. A good design will also likely be good enough for the client and, sometimes, perhaps even for yourself. STA AARBUCE What should you do? Don't settle for the status quo. Be meticulous in your approach to design and be prepared to abandon good designs in search of the great ones. Don't be afraid to ask your client for an increased budget if it can genuinely aid in the creation of a truly great logo design. Google YAHOO! DisNEy Sources: www.bladkcoffeecom/brand-related/branding-quctes Fast Print Quality Printing, Delivered Fast

How to design the perfect logo

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What makes a good logo design? we look at the main elements of a good logo design and some top tips from experts and corporate brands.


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