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Video is the new language of business

VIDEO IS THE BUSINESS THE NEW LANGUAGE CORPORATE COMMUNICATION LANDSCAPE REDUCED TRAVEL HAS HEALTH BENEFITS Up to 50% of SMB staff works in branch / remote offices 40% of SMB's say the number of their remote workers will People who commute more by car or aeroplane have greater further increase oven the next 2-3 years 60% say they want to enhance worlkforoe productivity and optimize mobility MAIST 57% of global CFO's say they would invest in video conferencing in order to reduce 65% CIO's think deskphones will be redundant by 2017 BLOOD STRESS travel cost PRESSURE LEVEL Email VC BY 2016, VIDEO CONFERENCING WILL 2 BECOME WORLD'S #1 COLLABORATION Phone VC Email Phone MECHANISM 2013 2016 23' 35' AVERAGE ATTENTION SPAN INCREASES TO 35 MINUTES ON A VIDEO CALL FROM 23 MINUTES ON A AUDIO CALL 75% Say video conferencing will replace conference calls infographic by: Creative X Solutions BENEFITS OF VISUAL COLLABORATION 87% believe C 94% say VC increases 88% think VC Increases impact of discussion enables expedited 78% reduced decision making travel costs efficiency/ productivity TRENDS CORPORATE VISUAL COLLABORATION Corporate employees require four different types of visual interactions 1 Planned & Structured Presenting imaractions Planned & Urstrueturod Collabosative interacriona Ungianned & Strutured Unolanned & Unstructured Interactiona Interactiona These interactions involve the following activities/processes Presentations to dspersed Scheduled sessions to netatorate on materiais in Pre-defined eat rporne goups, update meetings process susported by videe and coleberoton sesion real time FOTmunication and data coluboruson These interactions take the following forms 3 Ora perscn everyone stens and fortsar murd pabe discuaa on be shad at onee without controsharing ceriripants und content iterms thay want to see Web and mobile enable anytime, anywhere meetings 4 51% nect via web 3004 dmeotines include a mobile perticionm 204 Connects va room system NOURNET VISUAL COLLABORATION SERVICE NOURNET Invite NOURNET Collaborate NOURNET Record infographic by: Creative X Solutions NOURNET VISUAL COLLABORATION supports a range of client devices all KEY FEATURES OF NOURNET VISUAL COLLABORATION SERVICE COLLABORATE INTERACT SHARE COMMUNICATE EDIT WORK via visual collaboration to your screen. applications, and documents with productively and efficiently from a virtual office from a desktop or laptop computer, mobile phone, tablet, connected room and any other connected device quickly and at the documents, optimal moment spreadsheets & further enhance with chat and presentations with communication conference presence remote participants collaborators in real-time NOURNET INVITE - VIRTUAL MEETING ROOM (VMR) SERVICE NourNet's VMR Service provides users with their own personalized meeting room that is always available, and enables a variety of visual collaboration meeting types: T Scheduled internal Discussions with Presentations to Customer support team meetings partners prospective customers sessions infographic by: Creative X Solutions Remote training Private discussions PERSONAL VIRTUAL MEETING ROOM (VMR) ENABLES VISUAL COLLABORATION FOR: Planned & Structured Planned & Unstructured Presenting interactions Collaborative interactions NOURNET COLLABORATE SERVICE NourNet's Collaborate Service enables users to instantly set up their own collaborative space with other users to support a variety of collaborative meeting types: Responding to unexpected issues E Remote design team collaboration Collaborative Internal team meetinge Financial spreadsheet reviews Brainstorming with shared information And many more FEATURES AND BENEFITS Concurrently share multiple: - PC and Mac screens electronic whiteboards -auxilary camera feeds in high definition Shared PCs and Macs support kayboard and d mouse sharing between users User interface customization Custom Backgrounds for branding Language Contact group shortouts -Specific workflows HIGHLY COLLABORATIVE ENVIRONMENT FOR: A Unplanned & Structured Interactions I. Unplanned & UnStructured * Interactions . Planned & Structured Collaborative interactions TECHNOLOGY MCU CONVENTIONAL VIDEO CONFERENCING DOES NOT REQUIRE MCU NOURNET VISUAL COLLABORATION APPLICATION LAYER MULTICASTING (ALM) NOURNET service delivery platform Scalable video coding process 1080p, 30fps Single Multiple stream stream 540p, 30fps 6. 270p, 15fps 1080p, 30fps NOURNET NOURNET client access servers VIDEO QUALITY ADAPTS TO FLUCTUATING NETWORK CONDITIONS 30fps, 1080p OPTIMAL 15fps, upscaled 270p POOR NETWORK CONDITIONS 30fps, 540p 30fps, 1080p OPTIMAL 30fps, 540p INTEROPERABILITY MEDIA LIBRARY COMNUNICATION SIP (and BFCP). H323(and H.320), Web RTC 263, H264 High Protie, H264 AVC Base Prode Vee AUDIO CODECS L16. DV14, 6.7221C. SIK Opus, ISAC. POMU/POMA, Lbo G.722 VIJEO CODECS PROTOCOLS infographic by: Creative X Solutions WORKFLOWS WE SUPPORT The fnancial team that The architect who needs approval from several on ar The security control room officer who needs to convene repidly with their The MD who wants to needs heip becquse she just found new evides review an MRI and a needs to review multiole radiograph simultaneously with a specialist and engage "eye to eye," w critical decision is made Touna new eence spreedsheets on different before the return on a project computers aoroas multipie countries to detemine the viability of a complex transaction d needa immediate real-time and recordes surveillance video to assess the seriousnes of confirmation hile the a situation CONFERENCING WORKFLOW Training session with Sharing live information Buest lecturer from the field Ad hoc meeting Scheduled meeting with one shared resource Instant multiparty Always on Small group collaboration with multiple shared resources interoice INTERESTED ? M [email protected] 920000987 N URNET we ma kethe netw ORK wWW.NOUR.NET.SA .... .... ... .... ... RIYADH • JEDDAH - DAHMAM - AH-AHSA - DASSIM - HAIL - TAIF • MAKKAH - JUBAIL - YAHBU • TABOUK ABHA • MADINAH - MAJRAN - AL-KHOBAR • BURAIDAH - AL-JOUF KHAMIS NUSHAIT • DAWADMI - ARA'AR

Video is the new language of business

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