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Major Trends in Enterprise Video Conferencing

Polycom 4 Major Trends in Enterprise Video Conferencing And four industries that are leveraging them to hone their competitive edge. TREND I TABLETS ARE CHANGING THE PLAYING FIELD. Make no mistake: tablets have become the go-to devlce for video consumption. It's why almost every major tech company is already heavily Invested in video apps for tablets. TREND 4 TREND 2 VIDEO WILL SOON BECOME THE DE FACTO INTERFACE FOR BUSINESS. Video Streaming and communication apps account for CONTENT IS KING. VIDEO IS CONTENT. 50% of tablat data consumption In September 2012 alona, more than with 85% employees Improve annual operating Income by # 1 19% of Internet users in the Unitad States vlewed online video. Video-enabled business applications (VEBAS) have limitless potential that extends far beyond cutting travel costs. From B2B and B2C meetings to virtual classrooms, video is becoming fimmly embedded in multiple business processes The volume of recorded video content By 2015, global cloud IP traffic will ronch 4.8ZB In different areas of business is exploding: from web and video conferencing sessions to training to team-based collaboration. Properly s critical to managng that content is crt leveraging Its value. TREND 3 THE CLOUD AS ULTIMATE RAINMAKER. The cloud is driving a trend toward accessible Mideo for anyone, anywhere and on any device. No wonder every major vendor is curently pursulng a cloud video strategy. How will these trends affect your business? Let's start by looking at how they're affecting these four industries. DEFENSE HEALTHCARE Video helps one global defense contractor grow Its business. One healthcare provider uses telemedicine to Improve collaboration How? By enabling collaboration with partners In different global arenas to grow their business beyond home markets-reducing travel costs and Increasing revenue. between Its urban specialists and Its rural patlents, thus Improving the quality of care whlle cutting down on the travel time for both care givers and care recelvers. BEVERAGE MEDIA One global beverage company uses video on phones and tablets to remotely support Issues on the plant floor One medla company uses video to capture conferences and weblnars plus exchange vital Information with new colleagues to help with the transitlon and consolldation acqulred business units. This use case emerged and makes them avallable for on-demand replay and tralning. Video Is managed, edited and made searchable on a YouTube-like portal for both Internal and external audlences. outside of corporate directives but soon became a best practice. The moral of this story? Act now or play catch-up later. Video is already firmly embedded in the business processes of industry leaders worldwide. Savvy enterprises need to develop an overall video strategy today, or find themselves left behind tomorrow. To learn more, read the Aragon Research white paper, The Perfect Storm In Enterprise Video: Act Now or Get Left Behind. Download your copy today at Sources 1 2012. "Video Sirening nd Communications Appa Account tor Halof Tablet Deta Consumption." MarlatingCherta com 2 2012. 3Sata You Needto Knaw About Online Video Marketing" Boquacom a 2012. "Anmunl Gebl Data Center F Traic ta Rench 4EZ In 2015" SengeNemlattarcom 4 2012: Tngagement t Ric Driving Strang Parfomancein AVolatile Gibbd Eironment Taer Wataon survey

Major Trends in Enterprise Video Conferencing

shared by StaceySD on Dec 11
For many years businesses have communicated with each other in many ways. Video conferencing is a huge aspect of business that requires many high tech advanced communication systems to work and functi...


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