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Top-Earning Entry-Level Jobs

Top-Earning Entry-Level Jobs Many people would like to have great salaries right after they people choose to go after degrees which will land them with high finish their studies - or even during them. Instead of working incomes right from the start. Here are some of the top-earning many years for a better job position and a better salary, some entry-level jobs and the best-paid working fields to go in to. Top-Paying Jobs Petroleum Engineers $119,140 o00 They extract natural gases and crude oil from the earth. They have a background in mathematics, geophysics, petroleum geol- Computer Hardware Engineers ogy and extraction techniques. $97,570 Electrical Engineers $85,830 They research, design, develop, test, manage and upgrade computer hardware. They also have to stay up-to-date with the changes in a rapidly evolving field. They design, test, improve and repair elec- tronics. They can develop a wide range of products such as robots, cars, wiring sys- tems or medical equipment. i++; Investment Bankers $85,580 They make links between businesses and investors by offering them advisory services. Computer Programmers $73,470 They repair, update and modify existing pro- grams with programming languages such as Č+ and Python. Economists $83,590 They study the distribution of resources for the production of goods and services. They analyze data and trends in order to predict financial and social aspects that affect the business world. Management Analysts $73,360 They research and make strategic plans for busi- nesses in order to better them. They solve prob- lems and advise managers. Registered Nurses $68,160 They treat, educate and support patients. They also administer treat- ment and analyze test results. 000 00000 0/000 000 000 00g Database Administrators $72,900 They collect, store and organize data by utilizing special software. They also ana- lyze user needs and create databases which they test for security and integrity. Landscape Architects $64,000 They plan, and design the sites of buildings, roads, and plant life in order to obtain harmony. They prepare models, estimate costs and super- vise the construction process. Top-Paying Fields $53,400 Engineering $51,100 Construction, Trades and Labor $50,900 Energy, Oil and Gas $46,000 Information Technology and Telecommunications $43,900 Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals $42,700 Manufacturing $39,600 Warehouse and Logistics $40,800 $40,300 Government, Military $40,200 Insurance Business and Civil Service and Finance Recession: Jobs and Incomes Median income decrease by age (2007-2008 ) 2% 7% 16 45 55 65 During the crisis: During 2010: 11 9.8 9.6 9.4 Unemployment 9.2 rates Jan.07 Jan.08 Jan.09 Jan. 10 Jan. 11 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Sources: | | Information provided by: CREDITSCORE (6

Top-Earning Entry-Level Jobs

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High paying degrees are a hot commodity these days and this infograhpic is here to give the facts. If you want to know what jobs will pay the best right out of college and what fields are the most lu...


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