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The Most Dangerous High Paying Jobs in the World

Friday 13th August 2010 The Most in the World Dangerous Jobs Pay Rather Well JOB CLASSIFIEDS Oil & Gas |Aeronautics King Crab Extraction & Space Fishing Workers Administration There have been some famous tragedies resulting in the death of astronauts, including the space shuttle Challenger accident as well as the space shuttle Columbia. About 5% of the people launched into space have died doing so. And, being a part of the ground crew can be equally as danger- As the demand for oil in- Crab is expensive for a reason. Men risk their lives out in the open ocean to get you that crab so that you can douse it in butter and eat it up! An estimated 24,000 people die on the job every year – people a day. creases, so does the need for oil workers. Long hours and rough working condi- tions have caused serious and fatal accidents. At least died on the job be- tween 2002 and 2007, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 598 workers that's 65 SALARY SALARY ous. Launchpad acci- Average gross revenue per boat: $868K dents have killed 71 ground personnel. $60K-100K SALARY Up to $130K per year Coal Mining Crocodile Wrangler Coal is mined in every state and territory of Aus- tralia, making it the world's largest coal ex- porter. safety practices have im- proved, the rate of acci- dents and deaths is still A crocodile wrangler, more formally known as a herpetologist, studies reptiles and amphibians. Part of their job includes cap- turing and pinning down a crocodile and tying up its legs and mouth. Ironically, the famous Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin was fatality pierced by a stingray, but risked his life every day to teach the public about While mining high. China, in particular, has the highest number of coal mining related deaths in the world, with 6,027 deaths alone in 2004. wildlife conservation and crocodiles. SALARY SALARY Up to $100,000 Up to $4,000 per month OAY 3 RD Logging & Forestry Do you love your log cabin in the mountains? Be thankful for all of that beautiful wood. In 2008, the fatality rate for loggers was reported to be 108.1 deaths per 100,000 workers that year. This rate is over 30 times higher than the overall fa- tality rate in the US in 2008. SALARY $60K per year http: // au/ literature_53870/Nine Lives_published in Australian_Penthouse May 2010 http //jobs acl com/articies/2009/09/04/americas-most-dangerous-jobs/ shtml http://www.cdc govmioshtopicstogging/ Sources accidents and incidents crocodile-wangler job-information htmi

The Most Dangerous High Paying Jobs in the World

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If you have recently found yourself needing to make more money, and found a job that seems to pay too much to be true, think twice! Some of the world’s best paying jobs are also the most dangerous, ...


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