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TeleTech Customer Experience Expectations - Telecom

2013 TELECOM EDITION CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE EXPECTATIONS EXLECIVLIone An infographic from Tele Tech about customers' frustrations with customer experience. After expressing feedback on social media to their telecom provider, Feedback what do customers expect? Nothing. An immediate 63% response from the company 24% Commiseration from friends Compensation for your trouble 10% 4% 100%- Quality customer experience 80%- can change those perceptions. In fact, it influences a person's decision to do business with a brand. 60%- 40%- How important is good customer experience in their decision-making? The customers have spoken and of telecom customers said it's HIGH. 20%- 53% .and positive word-of-mouth goes a long way in influencing their decision to use that company: of telecom customers will consider a company 50% based on positive word-of-mouth. 100000 00000000006 0000 B0000 00000 00000 0000B0000: However, even in our ever-expanding digital world, most telecom customers 72% prefer to speak with a live person. prefer a live person proving difficult: ..BUT getting to a live person is 50% of telecom customers get lost in the automated service system which many liken to being lost in a corn maze. When customers manage to wade through the automated service system to reach an associate, their expectations decline: of customers in the telecom space want to speak to a friendly empathetic associate, yet 35% don't mind if they're inept. And, when they finally speak with a contact center associate, telecom customers really "Please enter your personal identification number" "You'll have to talk to hate to hear these “scripted" phrases: my supervisor" 5% 10% "That's our policy" 18% "Your call is important to us" 48% "Please take our survey following this call so that we can serve you better" "We'll have to get back to you on that" 14% 6% Join the TeleTech community f TeleTech. ©2013 Tele Tech Holdings, Inc.

TeleTech Customer Experience Expectations - Telecom

shared by bulldawgmama on Apr 08
An infographic from TeleTech about customer experience and the telecom industry.






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