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Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior A social science that advances theacquisition of knowledge about organizational productivity and employee needs Organizational Behavior Leads to entrepreneurial Employee Needs behavior Work Attitudes Achievement Needs an energized, supportive and collaborative work-group Affiliation Important management quality that is associated with organizational effectiveness Power Personalized Power Indirect relation to Job Social Power Performance, through intrinsiclextrinsicrewards and Job Satisfaction Level of work satisfaction is determined by job challenge, job clarity, supervision and incentives (organizational factors) and years in career and personal job expectations (individual determinants) employee perception of fairness (equity theory) Pay Promotion Co-Workers Supervisors Takes longerto form than job satisfaction, but once formed, is Work more resistant Organizational Commitment Agreementwith organizational goals Drops after downsizing or corporate restructure (economic rity) Willingnessto exert effort on behalf or the organization Desire to maintain membership Supervisors An employee can have job involvement without being committed to the organization Work Job Involvement Work Employee Self-Worth Desire to participate in work related decisions Organizational Productivity Organizational Performance Instrumental values are the means for achieving the actual (terminal) goals. Management Values "Old Approach" (<21st century, Theory X) Instrumental Giving orders Terminal Determining promotions Autocratic decisions Locus of Control Causality: "New Approach" (21st century, Theory Y) Internal Internals connect responsibility to outcomes. Externals believe outcomes Coaching External are created by external forces. Integration Conflictresolution Sensory Stimulation Need Introvert Management is not the same as Organizational Behavior. Management is concerned with the accomplishment of organizational goals. Extrovert Introverts avoid "social noise" whereas Extroverts embrace social interaction hendrik. [email protected]

Organizational Behavior

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Breakdown of the core components that make up the study or organizational behavior.


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