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The Most Inspired Sales Professionals in the World

in MOST INSPIRED SALES PROFESSIONALS IN THE WORLD MEASURE INSPIRATION ! We believe that feeling inspired by your work is one of the most important aspects of having a successful career. We also want to help sales professionals like you measure your own inspiration and identify the most inspiring careers and industries. LinkedIn's Inspiration Index measures professional inspiration by asking: HOW OFTEN ARE YOU INSPIRED AT WORK? Sales professionals around the world Each of them rated their inspiration on a scale from 0-100, not feeling inspired to always feeling inspired. 14,000 contributed to the Linkedin Inspiration Index. NEVER INSPIRED ALWAYS INSPIRED INSPIRATION BY COMPANY These are the top 10 most inspired companies in the world. 1 2 3 4 Merrill Lynch USAA Adobe CommonwealthBark 10 ABB |l1, 7 CISCO salesforce ERICSSON RBC INSPIRATION BY GENDER AND AGE Males tend to be more inspired than females. On the whole, people seem to grow more inspired by age. 68 18-29 66 70 67 30-44 45-64 73 Male sales professionals over 65 years of age are the most inspired. 77 65+ INSPIRATION BY REGION Diving into specific locations, South America is the most inspired, while North America is the least inspired. 69 Number of People: 71 68 North America - 6049 South America - 737 Europe - 4009 Africa - 310 72 Asia - 2399 Australia - 691 74 70 INSPIRATION BY SALES FUNCTION Sales function also plays a role. Professionals in Senior Leadership roles are the most inspired and Relationship Managers are the least inspired. Account Executives - 69 Relationship Managers - 64 Sales Development - 70 Sales Managers - 67 Senior Leadership - 73 - INSPIRATION BY COMPANY SIZE Professionals tend to feel less inspired in large companies. 77 72 68 67 66 Number of Employees 1-10 11-50 51-500 501-1000 1000+ INSPIRATION BY INDUSTRY What about industries? Architecture, Professional Services and Healthcare industries are the most inspired. Retail and Communications Industries are the least inspired. INSPIRATION BY USING LINKEDIN How can you use Linkedln to feel more inspired at work? Social selling is transforming the traditional sales process of sales lead generation, cold calling, build and maintaining relationships, and more. Use Linkedln for these four social selling activities: 01 CREATE A PROFESSIONAL BRAND Establish a professional presence on Linkedln with a complete profile 02 BUILD STRONG RELATIONSHIPS Prospect efficiently with powerful search capabilities 03 ENGAGE WITH INSIGHTS Discover and share valuable information to initiate or maintain a relationship 04 FIND THE RIGHT PEOPLE Expand your network to find common connections for warm introductions Social sellers Social sellers are 51% more likely to hit quota than social selling laggards SHOULD create 45% more 45% 51% YOU CARE ? opportunities per quarter than social selling laggards More than 14,000 sales and business professionals and more than 8700 companies who employ these professionals participated in the Inspiration Index. The companies listed above are the most inspired besed or the responses of their employees in sales/business functionis, We caloulated the average inspiration score of employees in sales/business by compeny where more than 5 participated in the survey. We excluded Linkedin Linked in Sales Solutions from the rankings objectivity. THE Retail -67 Communications - 67 Finance-68 Transportation - 68 Technology-Hardware - 68 Government & Education - 68 Industrial - 69 69 - Buyers ON & Energy - 70 Technology - Software - 70 Entertainment - 70 Healthcare - 71 Professional Services - 71 Architecture - 71

The Most Inspired Sales Professionals in the World

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Being inspired by your work is one of the most important aspects of having a productive and successful career. If your work is inspiring, chances are you’ll be actively engaged. LinkedIn’s vas...


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