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Leadership Traits of Todays Greatest CEOs

Leadership Traits of Today's Greatest CEOS Mark Zuckerberg Facebook February 4, 2004 Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook from a Harvard dorm room where he was a student.Today, at age 27 he is one of the youngest CEOS in the world. His personal net worth is estimated at $17.5 billion. Forbes magazine lists him as the 9th most powerful person in the world. MANAGEMENT STYLE: BUSINESS WARDROBE: Cooperative Adaptive to changes Mark still wears jeans and a tee shirt to work, jusť as he always has. OFFICE ENVIRONMENT Casual Fast paced Friendly to new ideas Creative ROLE MODEL: Steve Jobs GOALS: "To build a multipurpose service that everyone finds useful." KEY PERSONALITY TRAITS: PRIORITIES: Loves his work · Embraces change - Always seeking to improve - Self Confidence Open mindedness Vision Passion SPENDING HABITS: Spends freely to develop the services on Facebook INVESTORS: Has taken substantial investment capital when needed throughout the process. TIME MANAGEMENT: Focused on long term goals and can see beyond day to day problems. KEY MOTIVATION: Constantly improving upon the system. - Interaction with Employees Encourages input Almost everything is open for discussion Pushes employee productivity Often uses unredsonable deadlines Invites čriticism Allows debate from underlings-Demands results or they are out the door Doesn't want to be a dictator SOCIAL IMPACT: Facebook has served to organize revolutions in Egypt, stir Occupy all over the world. The same service allowsš grandma to check the family's pages, chat with her friends and play games like Farmvillé. Fačebook connects people for whatever reason, so that shut-ins need not be isolated nor revolutionaries be silenced. TIPS: "Do what you love." If you dre dedicated to your vision of the company, "don't sell." Şilicon Valley is not, "the only place to be." If I had to do it all over. "Pd stay in Boston." Steve Ballmer Microsoft In June of 1980 Steve Ballmer became the 30th Microsoft employee. As business manager he was offered a salary of $50K and 8 percent of Microsoft. In the year 2000 Bill Gates stepped down as CEO and turned the position over to Steve Ballmer. Ballmer was awarded'$1,351.121 in compensation in 2010. His personal net worth is estimated at $17.5 billion. Ballmer is also one of the most controversial figures in business today. His management style has come under fire recently by a host of armchair critics with blogs. OFFICE ENVIRONMENT: MANAGEMENT STYLE: BUSINESS WARDROBE: Passionate Exciting and completely Traditional men's business attire Competitive Driven Flamboyant Temperamental different than when Gates was in charge ROLE MODEL: Shared Bill Gates passion to put a computer on every desk GOALS: Push Cloud Technalogy Engage all demographics with products. announcing Kinect is for girls. Keep Microsoft products and software competitive with Apple PRIORITIES: Steve Ballmer sees his work as primarily about competition. He is constantly competing with Apple, but also sees competition from Google and on many other fronts. KEY PERSONALITY TRAITS: SPENDING HABITS: Outspoken Fiercely loyal Recently offered to pay $230 per phone to compete with iPhone'and undercut their price Driven Fiercely competitive Dřamatic TIME MANAGEMENT: Steve budgets his time for the year, with a certain amount of time devoted to his family, some free time,"a certain amount of time devoted to managing and a generous allotment for business travel as wel. Key Motivation: Prove Microsoft's superiority over Apple, Google and all other competitors. INTERACTION WITH EMPLOYEES: Steve Ballmer can be so enthusiastic it is almost frightening to employees. He's known for his nearly bone crushing handshake and he has been known to throw a chair and scream the F word. This is most likety to happen when he thinks about Google CEO Eric Schmidt. At one meeting he shouted so much he tore his vocal cords. Ballmer's extreme temperament certainly isn't for everyoně, but employees who get to know him say he is loyal and as fierce a protector of his employees aš his is for the company." Loyalty is perhaps his strongest trait though other traits are more noticeable. One employee expressed that when Ballmer is your friend, he is the best friend anyone ever had. SOCIAL IMPACT: Some critics feel that Ballmer is holding Microsoft back from major technological advancements. citing that he is old fashioned. Others simply don't like his loud and intimidating temperament, but pernaps his alphad male character will pay off in the long run, It is certainly difficult to emerge from the shadow of a man like Bill Gates, who was not focused on competition into an era of šuch fierce competition as the past 12 years have been for technology. Perhaps it isn't just Ballmer's character, but the times themselves that have resulted in the focus on competition. TIPS: Steve Ballmer is a strong advocate of time budgeting. He recommends creating a spread sheet of hours each year, to insure that business people spend their hours on wha t is truly important to them. Jane Wurwand Dermalogica In 1983 Jane Wurwand founded Dermalogica with a $1400 investment. Jane never borrowed from a bank, never sold stock and never took money from investors. After 4 years of not drawing a salary, she started paying herself $300 a month. Times were tough for quite a while, but today she' owns 100 percent of Dermalogica. Dermalogica grossed $260 million in sales in 2011. MANAGEMENT STYLE: BUSINESS WARDROBE: Markedly feminine attire, usually a dress and her trademark close cropped hair style. • Ethical Reliable OFFICE ENVIRONMENT: ROLE MODEL: Her mother "No flake zone" Compassionate but tough Everyone pulls their weight Demands a high level of motivation nurse and mother of four GOALS: Creating products that promote skin health PRIORITIES: KEY PERSONALITIES: Quality products - Improving the standard of skin care products - The greater good of the majority of employees What's best for the company Always uniquely her duthentic self Honest in all business dealings - Always delivers on promiseš Passionate Energetic SPENDING HABITS: Frugal Never had an advertising budget, and depended on PR for publicity Does spend freely on quålity ingredients and other matters of product quality INVESTORS: Focused on owning the entire business owns the company free and clear TIME MANAGEMENT: Works from 6 d.m. to 11 p.m KEY MOTIVATION: INTERACTION WITH EMPLOYEES: A desire to promote skin health rather than temporary beauty Passionate about her products Loves her work Compassionate Respects hard work Demands hard work SOCIAL IMPACT: Jane is a philanthropist, offering help to women around the world. She encourages women to starť their own businesses, and is an inspiration to all female entrepreneurs. Jane also changed the cosmetic industry into, the skincare industry, bringing about much needed changes in ingredient standards and research dnd development In the area of anti-aging and skin hydration. TIPS: Be passionate. Be determined. "If you have a plan B. 90 ahead and quit. because there isn't enough commitment there." These three CEOS exhibit three distinct mandgement styles. Each has its merits. None of the three is mainstream or commonplace in character. If we could draw one conclusion from comparing these three it would be that apparently the position of CEO'is not for the moderate or the dverage. -Sources:!E85E4B7C-D235- 41A9-9656-4139B91053D3

Leadership Traits of Todays Greatest CEOs

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The following infographic profiles the leadership traits of three unquestionably successful CEOs. You may or may not like them, what they stand for or their styles of doing business, but their success...


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