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Ipsos MORI Captain's of Industry Study

Ipsos MORI Loyalty Ipsos Captains of Industry Study Views from the boardroom Please contact: Matthew Chatterton on 020 7347 3112 or The 2012 Results Juliette Albone on 020 3059 5206 And 79% believe that this Government's policies will improve the state of Britain in the long term THE ECONOMY Only 12% think the economic condition of the country will get worse compared to 56% last year 8% 14% 79% DISAGREE NEITHER / NOR AGREE To what extent do you agree with the following statements? In the long term, this government's policies will improve the state of the British economy 79% 12% 57% 31% GET WORSE SAY THE SAME GET BETTER 96 97 ge 99 00 01 02 0s 04 05 06 07 De 09 10 11 12 Do you think that the general economic condition of the country will improve, stay the same or get worse over the next 12 months? Cap Election Elnchon 31% Over half the Captains interviewed (57%) feel the general economic condition S7 De 99 00 01 02 0s 04 05 06 07 08 ce 10 11 12 of the country over the next 12 months will remain the same, with a further third (31%) expecting economic conditions to improve Just (12%) think the economy will get worse. This represents a considerable improvement from last year when 56% of Captains felt the econ would get worse. 12% A substantial proportion of Captains continue to support the UK Governments General economic policies with 79% agreeing that these will improve the economy in the long term. Nearly a quarter see the government deficit as the most important issue facing Britain today Stagnation GOVERNMENT LACK OF THE CONSUMER FINANCIAL DEFICIT / DEBT GROWTH EUROZONE CONFIDENCE INSTABILITY 23% 22% 20% 12% 12% What do you see as the most important issues facing Britain today? Two thirds estimate it will be more then two years before the UK economy grows significantly 21% 16% * More than 1 year up to 2 years * More than 2 years up ta 4 years. IT IS 7 TO 12 MONTHS 1 TO 2 What is your best estimate of when the UK economy UP TO 2 TO 4 MORE THAN will begin to grow in a significant way again? GROWING 6 MONTHS YEARS" YEARS" 4 YEARS The USA is seen to have the best environment for business, with China perceived as the most attractive for investment Country 2012 17%I s8% Most Best envirorment 2012 2012 Canada UK 2%4% USA Germany Middle East |China 17s45% |Mexico Africa |India 23% l2% 3%l1% Loaking internationally. China leads as the most attractive |Brasil country for investment, selected by 23% of Captains. It is followed 17%7% Australia jointly by USA and Brazil (each 17%). The UK is mentioned by just 8% of Captains interviewed. However, when asked specifically about the UK, 65% agree it is an attractive place to invest. In the current climate, which of the following countries do you believe offers the best environment for business? Which of the following countries do you believe are the most attractive for investment? The Olympics 9/10 agree that the Games have increased Britain's standing in the world The majority feel the Olympics had no effect on their business 91% AGREE 9% OTHER 13% 59% 24% DETRIMENTAL NO EFFECT BENEFICIAL The Olympics are seen to have increased Britair's standing on the world's stage but most Captains of Industry dori't think they have had any direct affect on their What effect do you think the Olympic Games has had on own business The long term impact of the London 2012 Games according to your business? Captains will be to raise Britain's profila/reputation in the eyes of the rest of the world (26%), raise confidence in the UK's organisational ability (12%) and provide an overall positive impact generally (11%). Lack of understanding about business and bias in the media are the top reasons for the public's lack of association between British business and pride in Britain Captains and culture In general, politicians in this country have a poor understanding of business 34% 26% 18% 17% 12% LACK OF BIAS ANTI GOVERN- BANKING 3% 3% 91% UNDER IN BUSINESS MENT CRISIS DISAGREE NEITHER / NOR AGREE -STANDING MEDIA CULTURE ATTITUDE In a recent Ipsos MORI survey of British adults, only 4% selected British business as something that made them proud to be British Majority of Captains (91%) agree that polticians in this country have a por understanding of business, and also that public culture in Britain is biased against business (70%). What do you think this result suggests about popular attitudes to business in this country? 8/10 Captains use Apple products in a corporate capacity and 9/10 in a 3/4 agree that their company intends to personal capacity increase use of social Technology media or digital Use of tablets in a corporate capacity has increased on last year from 52% to 80% in 2012. communications The Captains' most impressive business person Who do you think is the most impressive business person in Britain at the moment? 1st Stephen Hester 6% 2nd 2nd 36 Sir John Rose 5% Lord Wolfson 5% 4th %36 Stuart Gulliver Charles Maytield Sir Roger Carr Willie Walsh 3% =9 3% 39 3% 13% SIR JAMES SIR RICHARD SIR MARTIN JUSTIN KING, DYSON, BRANSON, SAINSBURY'S SORRELL, WPP DYSON VIRGIN The most Sir Richard Branson 12% 2011 impressive business people 2009 in Britain since 1981 2010 Sir John Rose 14% sir Terry Leahy 14% 27% 2008 21% 2007 27% 2006 27% 2005 Lord Browne 24% For the second year running, Sir Richard 2004 35% Branson was considered to be the most 2003 Sir Terry Leahy 31% impressive business person in Britain. He 2002 Lord Browne 21% was followed jointly by Justin King and Sir 2001 21% Martin Sorrell. WilI Sir Richard Branson be able to hokd onto his titie for a third year? 2000 20% 17% 13% 1999 1998 1997 Sir Richard Sykes 25% Richard Branson 11% Sir Colin Marshall 11% Sir David Simon 1996 1995 13% 1994 14% TECHNICAL NOTE 1993 Lord Hanson 14% 1992 Lord Weinstock 16% Ipsos MORI conducted a total of 103 1991 Lord Hanson 22% face-to-face interviews with CEOS 1990 56% Chairmen, CFOS and Board lovel 1989 32% Directors of FTSE 500 firms, top 500 1988 29% industrial firms by turnover and top 100 financial companies by capital employed. 1987 30% 1986 Sir John Harvey Jones 26% The survey was conducted from Sept - 1985 36% Dec 2012. 1983 29% 1981 Lord Weinstock 52%

Ipsos MORI Captain's of Industry Study

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The results of the 31st Ipsos MORI annual survey of Britain's Captains of Industry shows cautious optimism returning but with considerable economic concerns remaining. Our Infographic tells the story ...


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