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The Internet and Languages in the Eastern Europe

INTERNET AND LANGUAGES IN CIS Your key for better understanding of Countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and more For many businesses CIS countries are a terra incognita. However, this is a huge market, with countless opportunities. In this infographics we share stats for language and Internet use in CIS. You surely need this data if you decide to expand to CIS. Azerbaijan Armenia Belarus CIS stands for Commonwealth of Independent States. The organization unites 11 ex-USSR states that share simplified customs regulations. Another big thing these countries have in common is the Russian language. Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Moldova Russia Tajikistan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan Ukraine LANGUAGES IN CIS by the number of speakers Ukrainian | 30 mln Russian | 155 mln Uzbek | 26 mln Kazakh | 11 mln Belarusian | 7.6 mln Research shows that by its commercial potential Russian ranks #10 in the world. As of 2010, this language ranks #8 by number of native speakers. INTERNET IN CIS Websites by number of speakers CIS Countries by number of web users globally Ukrainian 0.1% Ukraine 22.4 mln Russia Russian 5.9% Кazakh 0.0037% 87.5 mln Belarusian 0.0032% Kazakhstan 14 mln Belarus Russian is #2 after English (55.5%) by number of websites 8.4 mln SEARCH ENGINES IN CIS Yandex is popular in CIS, along with Google and Mail.Ru Search. If you are planning to sell in CIS you need to take this into account. Some locals just don't use Google, so having your website translated would be a reasonable move. Yandex Google Mail.Ru Search Other 15.1% 8.2% 1.5% 11.4% 21.6% 33% 61.2% 52.7% 49.1% 51.9% 30.6% 24.2% 39.5% Russia Ukraine Kazakhstan Belarus ECOMMERCE IN CIS CIS countries are still reigned by cash. But online sales are also growing even despite the current crisis. For this infographics we have chosen Russia and Ukraine as the most developed virtual markets in CIS. eCommerce in Russia Gross online sales in 2014: $17.5 bln 40 mln Market dynamics: online sales in Russia have increased 10-fold over the last 5 years %24 52% online purchases are paid for in cash upon receipt Number of online buyers Appliances and gadgets take leading positions among eCommerce deals Around 50% of all online purchases are made in 2 major cities: Moscow and St.Petersburg 33.3% 66.6% 43,000 online stores were online in 2014 Digital content Tickets Appliances Gadgets Clothes Services 17% of e-Commerce deals are made using mobile devices: smartphones and tablets Online market structure $. eCommerce covers 2.7% of all retail deals eCommerce in Ukraine Gross online sales in 2014: $2 bln 3.5 mln Dynamics: online sales grow by 30-35% annually %24 59% online purchases are paid for in cash upon receipt Number of online buyers Clothes, gadgets and appliances are leading categories of online purchases Services 7% 50% of online purchases are made in 3 major cities: Kyiv, Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk Consumer goods (B2C) 28% Business supplies (B2B) Over 10,000 online stores were online in 2014 65% 16.3% of e-Commerce deals were made using mobile devices: smartphones and tablets Online market structure eCommerce covers 2% of all retail deals SOCIAL MEDIA IN CIS Planning to enter the CIS market? You will certainly need marketing support. Social media provide a powerful tool for raising brand awareness in CIS. Check out some useful stats about social media in CIS. Facebook OVK Twitter My.Mail.Ru OK Social Media in Russia Facebook offers positive commercialization opportunities. Many CIS businesses have a Facebook page. 15.55% 26.15% 65% of VK audience are under 35. Mostly small businesses tend to have an official VK page. Most commercial Twitter accounts from CIS are owned by big businesses or global companies. 32,35% 18.78% O My.Mail.Ru is equally popular among young crowd and adults. It has better user involvement, compared to VK. 7.17% Social Media in Ukraine 75% OK users are 25+ y.o. Many local small and mid-sized businesses have an OK page. 7.86% 26.42% For other CIS countries there is no detailed data on social media reach. In Belarus OK is the most popular social network with VK, Facebook and Twitter being runners-up. 1% In Kazakhastan OK also scores the top, while VK and Facebook take the 2nd and the 3rd positions, accordingly. 64% Promova is a translation company focused on East European languages. [email protected] (pro mova O We mainly work with businesses eager to enter the CIS markets. +44 203 287 66 28 appi Our principal areas of expertise are medicine, technology and IT. Our offices are located in Kharkiv, Berlin and Hong Kong. SOURCES : For this infographics we have used data from the following websites:;;;;;;;;;;;;; OX

The Internet and Languages in the Eastern Europe

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This infographics represents a huge bulk of information about major Eastern European states in smooth visual forem. Check out data regarding languages, Internet reach, social media, search engins, eCo...




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