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How Video Marketing Influences Your Customers' Decisions

HOW Video Marketing INFLUENCES YOUR CUSTOMERS' DECISIONS A handy infographic from your friends at Viduard >>> You know customers find video irresistible, and as if that's not reason enough to jump on the video marketing bus, take a look at these facts on the demand, the current state of the video space, who's watching, and video's power to persuade. Customers Expect Video Content Because so many of your prospects engage with video sites and apps like YouTube, Vine, and Instagram daily, video has naturally evolved as an expected content format. You Tube 52.4 Billion Wowza! The amount of videos watched in the last month of 2013 alone. - comScore YouTube visitors view an average of 6 Billion Hours of video a month (roughly one hour of video for every person on the planet!) -YouTube 70% 70% of B2B content marketers use videos in their marketing mix (all the cool kids are already doing it). Nearly 60% of B2B marketers rate videos as the most effective content marketing tactic. 1 -Toprank, lee Ddden 3. Fast Fact: Customers perform nearly (0% of the buying journey independently. Lela Because today's informed buyers delay speaking with sales directly, consider the effectiveness of a video content journey to hold their attention and guide them through the buying cycle. Video is Persuasive in the C-Suite! 65% 53% 51% of executives have visited of executives conducted a of executives under 40 a vendor's site after vendor search for more said they've made a watching a video. information after watching a business-related purchase work-related video online. after viewing a video. -Forbes 2013 We're Naturally Drawn to Video We're physically hard-wired to respond to movement, the intonation and pitch of voices, and body language; There's a part of the brain, the fusiform face area, which cues us to look at faces to gather information and determine someone's credibility. all of which create Strong Emotional Connections This is why we're so intrigued by live action videos featuring people. -Susan Weinschenk The brain processes visual data 600,000 Times Faster than text -Social Media Today Note: when a video is information-intensive, consumers will watch the video 2 or more times! This means more time spent on your site! -Internet Retailer Video Works to Convert! Enjoyment of video increases purchase intent by 97%: 139%. and brand association by -Unruly Using video on landing pages can increase conversion by 80% Visitors who watch a video are -Unbounce reported to stay on sites Twice as long & look through Twice as Many Pages E-tailer versus those who don't see video. 144% reported that visitors were -Kiss Metrics more likely to purchase after seeing a product video than those who did not. -Kiss Metrics VIDEO cha-ching! 52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in their online purchase decisions. found This Helpful ? Get a regular dose of video goodness by subscribing to the Vidyard Blog. > viduard Resources: Americans Watched Record Number of Online Videos in December: YouTube Statistics: 100+ B2B Content Marketing Statistics for 2013: Video in the C-Suite: Executives Embrace the Non-Text Web: Social Ad Effectiveness: The Benefits of Using Video on Landing Pages: Can Product Videos Increase Conversion Rates?: 20 Marketing Statistics that Will Influence Decisions in 2014: Online Videos Help Build Confidence in Purchases: > learn More at 1-800-530-3878

How Video Marketing Influences Your Customers' Decisions

shared by vidyard on Mar 10
You know video is popular, but we wanted to take a good look at the numbers behind this unstoppable force. Confirming your strong suspicions, video marketing can increase conversion rates, it’s p...






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