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The Video Content Powerhouse Match-Up

VIDEO CONTENT POWERHOUSE MATCH-UP Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the Main Event! Six Rounds to Decide Who Holds the Title of Video Marketing Channel Heavyweight of the World! Introducing first, in the red corner, hailing from a tiny apartment above a Japanese restaurant in San Mateo, CA, weighing in at 5.6 billion in yearly ad revenue, and global desktop market share of 99%, wearing the clunky yet functional UI and videos of every kitten on You Tuhe earth.. YOO00000UUUU-TUUUUUBE! And in the blue corner, hailing from the New York-based parent company responsible for the "Matrix Runs on Windows" viral video, weighing in at $40 million in 2013 yearly revenue and wearing the exceptional UX and the WTF avant-garde videos your college roommate makes. VIIIIIIIIM-EEEEEEEE-O000000! TALE OF THE TAPE The internet is fiercely divided when it comes to which of these video platforms is a superior contender, but the raw numbers are clearly skewed in YouTube's favor. DATA COLLECTED: MARCH 2014 YOUTUBE VIMEO >1 BILLION AVG. MONTHLY VISITS >100 MILLION 97,290,000,000 (99.02%) 965,000,000 (0.98%) SHARE OF VOICE $3.7 BILLION YEARLY REVENUE $40 MILLION 1 BILLION REGISTERED USERS 100 MILLION 61 COUNTRIES COUNTRIES UNKNOWN (& 61 languages) (banned in India) 2005 ESTABLISHED 2004 THE ROAR OF THE CROWD Both of these video content powerhouse pugilists get their fair share of the Twitter crowd, but where are their most loyal followers located? TOTAL TWEETS: COLLECTED BETWEEN MARCH 2006 AND MARCH 2014 YOUTUBE 322,985,322 WORLDWIDE TWEETS 7,472,484 VIMEO YOUTUBE VIMEO 91,404,597 UNITED STATES 2,294,161 12,752,290 UNITED KINGDOM 412,085 9,917,437 SPAIN 340,986 3,248,497 RUSSIA 202,145 27,208,149 BRAZIL 277,978 9,724,455 INDONESIA 108,440 5,044,198 CANADA 197,701 4,246,465 ARGENTINA 121,916 5,498,246 FRANCE 237,005 3,905,328 NETHERLANDS 101,838 4,000,207 ITALY 193,709 6,692,614 MEXICO 157,214 3,552,603 GERMANY 128,463 LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE! Ding Ding Ding! ROUND 1: USER EXPERIENCE Winner VIMEO Vimeo's layout is clean, uncomplicated and the video player is much larger than YouTube. There are minimal ads and a flat aesthetic, which allows content to be the star of a page. ROUND VIDEO QUALITY Winner VIMEO Both sites are built primarily on user-generated content. However, Vimeo's reputation as a community of video professionals has led to a focus on quality over quantity. ROUND 3: CONTENT Winner IT'S A TIE A judge's decision. While some argue that there is much less noise on Vimeo and a place to find truly breathtaking videos, it cannot be argued that most great viral videos originated on YouTube. Also ou be cats. ROUND 4: AUDIENCE Winner YOUTUBE Vimeo's small, but loyal community of artisans is no match for YouTube's 1 billion monthly viewers. However, Vimeo points for having technologically agnostic share functions (YouTube You Tube requires a Google+ account to comment on videos). ROUND 5: SEO VALUE Winner YOUTUBE While both services are set up for extreme SEO visibility upon sign up, YouTube's parent company (search giant Google) gives preferential treatment to its videos in search engine results pages. You Tube ROUND 6: ADVERTISING VALUE Winner YOUTUBE The knockout punch. While Vimeo's clean user experience and quality videos attract professionals and film majors, YouTube's paid pre-roll advertising format and audience of over 1 billion users You Tube makes it the clear winner. THE DECISION Winner YOUTUBE While Vimeo boasts a clean UX and overall better quality videos, it's YouTube's one-two punch of a larger audience and better advertising value that makes it the clear-cut winner as a platform for using video You Tube to market your brand. WPROM OTE www.beettv/2013/11/vimeohtml ONLINE MARKETING

The Video Content Powerhouse Match-Up

shared by WpromoteInc on Apr 02
YouTube and Vimeo are indisputably the two most majors players in the user-generated video platform space, but which one is right for your business?






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