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Holiday Shopping Online

HOLIDAY SHOPPING ONLINEI a historical look at black friday. cyber monday, & the biggest day in online sales Black Friday Cyber Monday * The Biggest Day The day after Thanksgiving The Monday after Thanksgiving The single most profitabie day for online sales Considered one of the busiest days of the When potential customers are back at work. Taking place during the holiday season, this day year for online traffic. Black Friday marks and ready to do their holiday shopping online. always sets a new record for online sales the start of the holiday shopping season. The Amount Spent Online During Black Friday, Cyber Mónday and The Biggest Day 2005 $306M $484M $556M According to, who coined the term Cyber Monday in 2005, research conducted in 2004 revealed that 77% of online retailers reported a significant increase in sales on this day 2006 $434M $608M $667M +26% Growth +20% Growth Originally used to describe heavy offline traffc. Black Friday took on a new meaning to describe a time when retailers were in the black", or, turning a profit. 2007 $531M $733M $88IM +21% Growth +32% Growth $500M $887M %23 2008 $534M $846M +15% Growth Starting in 2008, the gap between Cyber Monday and The Biggest Day decreases. This could be due to the increasing amount of sales offered on this day $913M 2009 $595M $887M +5% Growth According to The National Bureau of Economic Research, the late-2000s recession that began in December 2007, ended in June 2009. 2010 $648M $1.028B +9%. The total online spend passes the bilion mark for the frst time, while Cyber Monday and The Biggest Day become one in the same Biggest Online Shopping Day In 2009 there were 9 days between The Biggest nd Christma Day In 2010, there were 25, This more than doubles the average number in the past 9 years of 102 dayi. 15 The Biggest Online Shopping Days of Years Past 2000 - Monday December 18th 2001 -Monday. December 17th 2006 - Wednesday. December 13th 2007 - Monday. December 10th 2002 - Monday, December 16th 2008 - Tuesday. December 9th 2003 - Monday. December 15th 2009 - Tuesday. December 15th 2004 - Monday, December 13th 2010 -Cyber Monday, November 29th 2005 - Monday, December 12th For the fist tme the big day occurs on Cyber Monday a day filed with online sales and dicounts The Biggest Day pattern was broken in 2006. when the day fell ona Wednesday rather than a Monday volusion In 2009, Volusion onine storeowners processed over $2 bilion in transactions. Their Biggest Day fell on Monday. December 14th, and the top three categories for sales were 1.) electronics, 2) apoparel, and 3.) home and garden. This total accounts for 1% of all US internet transactions. The duta conted in the chat se atoe or he US dates and spend amounts eported by comScore, Nonevel e enng e and lage coporate purctue a US - hometeareraity boatona Number of days before Christmas

Holiday Shopping Online

shared by Angel on Dec 18
This infographic provides numerical information for online shopping from 2005 until 2010. It shows the amount spent online during Black Friday for each year and shows what the biggest online shopping ...



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