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A Field Guide to Brand Advocates

A FIELD GUIDE TO BRAND ADVOCATES (an entirely different breed of consumer) Research shows that brand advocates, people who habitually share information on the products they use, are thought leaders in their constantly expanding social circles and their actions influence the opinions and purchase decisions of many others. These advocates can be your most effective salespeople if you know how to work with them.* Here's a look into the habitats, behaviors and motivations of these in-the-know consumers. HABITAT 2 BEHAVIORS Brand Advocates are prolific Brand Advocates are more than 2.5x more likely to use social media to expand their social circles. I find them? content creators – they write and share more than 2x as many online communications about brands. Where can How often do you use the following platforms to send information about products, brands, sales or stores? Influencing Opinions & Purchase Social Networking Site IAMAAIMA 58% 27% Brand Advocates talk about the 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% products they use EVERY DAY Email 53% 39% 3x more likely to discuss 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% personal care products eCommerce Website 43% as likely to discuss 2х children's products 22% 0% 10% 20% Online Feedback Mechanism 28% 7% as likely to discuss 2x household products 0% 20% 75% more likely to share a great experience about a product ADVOCATES WEB USERS Frequently visit social networks to meet NEW people 50% MORE LIKELY to influence a purchase as likely to use social networks to share product information Indicate the extent of your agreement or diagreement with the following (% strongly agree) 2x tick? them What makes 4x as likely to use online feedback sites and discussion boards 60% 3x more likely to share product information with someone they don't know 65% 40% 57% 39% 38% 3x 20% more likely to blog ADVOCATES WEB USERS 2x as likely to use and twitter 0% People ask me for information People make purchases based on my information %3D %3D MOTIVATIONS 3x MORE LIKELY to share product info to relax Вх Brand Advocates genuinely enjoy sharing product information and they are always looking for new things to share. Thought Leaders Meaningful Contributions COMMUNICATE FREQUENTLY • Like to be seen as as likely to be driven by the need to 2X contribute to the pool of information TO RELAX thought leaders 16% • Appreciate how valuable consumer more likely to value their per- reviews are online 150% ception as a good source of information 54% • Value their relationship with brands 70% more likely to be seen as a good source of information by people around them WEB USERS • Biggest motivation is to be seen as a good resource by the brand ADVOCATES *A research study conducted by Dr. Kathleen R. Ferris-Costa, University of Rhode Island, College of Business Administration. Download the complete Field Guide from BzzAgent at: BzzAgent

A Field Guide to Brand Advocates

shared by judithgold on Dec 01
In this infographic they explain what a brand advocate is and how to use a brand advocate to promote your business and product. Here they explain what the habitat of a brand advocate is (what kind of ...




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