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The Evolution Of Business Telephony

The Evolution Of Business Telephony Business Telephony has evolved in leaps and bounds over the last century; with this in mind let's take a look at some of the most notable advancements to date: 1870 Alexander Graham Bell Patents The First Working Telephone There were actually two inventors, Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell, racing to create the first telephone. Alexander Graham Bell patented his device first, and is revered as the sole inventor of telephony. 1877 Phone Lines Are Laid Construction of the first traditional phone line, running from Boston to Massachusetts, was completed in 1877.? 1892 First Phone Call Is Made Alexander Graham Bell made the first telephone call from New York to Chicago. 1894 The Switchboard's Are Open Early telephones were sold in pairs that could only communicate between each other. As telephones became more popular, switchboards were opened up to allow people to reach multiple contacts. 1905 1921 Strowger 11 digit Potbelly Dial Candlestick AE Straight- Shift Dial Candlestick 1924 Western Electric Model 102 Roundbase 1926 Breaking Down Borders The first transatlantic telephone call was made from London to New York in March 1926. 1934 AE Rotary Dial Monophone 1946 National Numbering Plan 1949 Area codes were introduced, meaning that specific numbers needed to be dialled depending on the location you were calling. Western Electric Model 500 1962 1958 Touch-tone Dialling Is Unveiled Exchange To Exchange Enabled Subscriber Trunk Diallingwas introduced and suddenly, it was possible to dial directly to other exchanges. 1962 was the year that the American Bell Telephone system introduced a computer that could dial numbers using only tones, rather than relying on a rotary system. 1963 Western Electric Model 1500 1978 IVR Systems Evolve Towards the end of the 70s, Interactive Voice Responses were added to customer care lines. This spawned complex phone trees that customers had to follow. 1992 At&T Office 710 1984 Motorola DynaTAC 1995 VocalTech Launch VolP Israeli based communications company VocalTech developed Internet Phone software which allowed users to make calls to anywhere in the world via their computers. Internet OPHONE 1997 IP Phones Are Produced Selsius Systems, a company based in Texas, produced the first commercially available IP phone, the Selsius30SP. 2003 Skype is released Closed VolP network providers such as Skype gave public consumers a way to freely connect with each other across different countries via peer to peer calls. Although, Skype now has over 299 million connected users', companies users are often on the lookout for a more reliable, business grade solution. 2005 BT announced 21st Century Network project 21CN (21st Century Network) was a next generation network deployed by British Telecom with the core aim of progressing UK telephony into the digital age.4 As well as switching over the PSTN, BT delivered many additional services over their new network that are now considered commonplace. BT 2007 Apple iPhone 2008 volP Takes Over VOIP 80% of all new Private branch exchange (PBX) lines installed internationally were VolP.5 2011 up In The Cloud Increases in broadband speeds see Cloud Telephony really take off, enabling users to make internet based calls without the need run their own PBX system in house, using cloud-based cummunication solutions from providers such as Gradwell. 2014 The Smartphone On Your Desk Modern desk phones are virtually as smart as the mobile in your pocket. With á ton of features that enable you to stay connected at all times and deliver the best possible communications solutions. Let's have a look at some of the features the latest VolP devices are equipped with: LCD Display Conference Calling Call Routing Contact Lists Caller ID Access Voicemail Anywhere 5. To Email 8. Web Dashboard Network Management Call Waiting Data Encryption About this infographic: This infographic was created by Gradwell Communications, UK business telephony service providers and experts in communications technology. For more information, visit Sources: iness-Telephone-Systems-in-the-UK-30-9-10 Gradwell Communication technology that puts you in control

The Evolution Of Business Telephony

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From Switchboards to SIP Trunking, business telephony has come a long way in the last hundred or so years. In fact, developments in new technologies mean that business phones are now nearly as smart ...




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