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What Is VoIP Anyway?

What Is VolP Anyway? Voice over Internet Protocol (VolP) A revolutionary technology that allows you to make and receive calls using the internet. How Does VolP Work? Normal phone lines use the traditional circuit-based protocols of the public switched telephone network MODEM PHONE ADAPTER STANDARD PHONE COMPUTER MODEM IP PHONE COMPUTER Voice over IP systems convert analogue voice signals into digital data packets and transmit two way conversations in real time using Internet Protocol VolP allows people to communicate and receive calls via broadband internet The Benefits 0f VolP Make calls from anywhere * Improve customer satisfaction with a broadband connection * Improve employee efficiency * Cut the costs of travel and training * Easily expand your phone network Improve communication VolP solutions are filled with extra features: O FACT: The number of mobile VolP USERS is set to reach 288 million by the end of 2013 • CALL MONITORING • CALL RECORDING • VOICEMAIL VIA EMAIL • CALL FORWARDING • CALLER ID • AUDIO CONFERENCING What Do I Need To Make VolP Calls? IP PHONES HIGH QUALITY BROADBAND High quality VolP calls depend on the strength of your IP phones connect directly into your router and have all the broadband hardware and software necessary to make calls over the internet ANALOG TELEPHONE COMPUTERS ADAPTER (ATA) A small box that allows you to connect an everyday phone to the internet for use with VolP The easiest way to use VolP; simply use the software on your computer to call others Are VolP Calls Secure? RISK By using the internet to communicate, people worry hackers may be able to hijack their calls and listen in on conversations. SOLUTION Many VolP telephones combat risks by using digital certificates so thatthey can encrypt your credentials and the phone call as it's being made, making your calls more secure VolP Across The World UNITED STATES 32.09 JAPAN 28.92 FRANCE 21.19 8.5% SOUTH KOREA 11.63 GERMANY 10.15 growth per quarter (VolP use in UK) CHINA (all territories) 10.14 CANADA 4.56 NETHERLANDS 4.35 BRAZIL 3.95 UNITED KINGDOM 3.85 10 20 30 40 How Much Do VolP Calls Cost? VolP is available from many different sources in a wide range of forms. Some free, basic packages allow simple computer-to-computer communication. Others let you use a handset or mobile, and have extra features such as call forwarding. By cutting the costs of expensive phone calls and travel, VolP is an incredibly cost efficient solution. So what are you waiting for? Improve your business communication strategy and invest in VoIP today! Gradwell Sources: Communication technology that puts you in control ШI 0000 0000 0000 II

What Is VoIP Anyway?

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Cloud telephony can be very confusing, which is why Gradwell have set out to beat the jargon with this handy infographic. It outlines everything you need to know when it comes to VoIP and the services...




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