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Digital Marketing Media & Reaching the Right Customers: What $100K Buys

REACHING THE RIGHT CUSTOMERS WHAT $100,000 BUYS Marketers are feeling the effects of a shifting digital demographic. But breaking down the numbers highlights how transformative the mass media disruptions have become, as new channels wage an all-out war for our attention. How can we navigate this endless stream of choice to our advantage and make smarter marketing choices? MASS MARKET TARGETED FRAGMENTED NICHE CLUTTERED Battle of the Screens The Content Long Curve How to Break Through As viewers switch between TV, tablet, apps or DVR programs, The mass market no longer Marketers are feeling the pressure %$4 works to pull large audiences. as new partners and platforms marketers need to find new With so many cable channels, force them to rethink age-old plans ways to engage with viewers. ad networks, and video series, to connect with the right consumers. today's viewers are heavily segmented among their interests. Passive Viewership Declining Ad Value Channel Overload Broadcast TV ratings are down 50% 50% since 2002, although ad revenues 77% of viewers tune in with another device have only slipped 7%. Networks are seeing massive shifts in viewership. Top Show Viewership: Week of 5/19/13 OF CABLE SUBSCRIBERS the BiG BANG 6 MILLION watch less than 34% half of their channels TELEVISION THEORY 49% 4.7 MILLION 74% SMARTPHONE Voice PC modern 4.6 MILLION family The TV no longer commands would choose active viewer's attention. DVR American Idol 4.6 MILLION individual shifting and second screen channels over viewing are further eroding the how i met your mother cable bundles 4.3 MILLION value of TV commercials. Multi-Screen Streaming Explodes You Tube Streaming Migration Content King for NETFLIX Users & Advertisers NETFLIX of AdAge's Top 100 advertisers 98% have run campaigns on YouTube kraft foods PeG Ford 6% 25* OF U.S. HOMES stream Netflix, up from 20% in 2012 1,000,000,000,000 stream to their phones ONLINE VIDEO monthly page views 30 MILLION o50% 72 HOURS OF VIDEO Netflix subscribers stream 2 BILLION HOURSO stream from a game console uploaded each minute 42% 500+ YEARS worth of Youtube video watched to their computers daily on facebook. alone of programming quarterly US Smartphones are Surging The Mobile "Channel" wilI App Overload Cease to Exist 181 MILLION х 41 Mobile device traffic will overtake desktop in 2014 Americans (49%) APPLICATIONS 33% of sales come from mobile on the average iPhone 19 will have a % of US retailers have a mobile commerce app smartphone by the end of 2013, In May 2013, Apple hit 222 MİLLION 50 BILLION The Mobile Migration As users spend more time on will have one by 2017 (+22%) app downloads mobile, advertisers have been MOBILE slow to catch up with spending. Will hit 80% of people check Available on the their phones within 15 minutes of waking up % of time spent by media vs. % App Store of budget spend by media.. by end of year Nearly 50% of time spent MOBILE: 16% SPEND 11.7% TIME vs. on retail websites App ADD 39.9% TIME vs. TV: 1 MINUTE 43% of email is now 38.9% SPEND opened on a mobile average app usage before device, up 138% over switching or powering off the past 18 months A Measurable Leader Personalization and Junk Perception Targeting Helps Refine Messaging The average US household receives Compared to paid search and display retargeting, direct mail was seen as the strongest 6 pieces of direct mail daily requirin. Customers receiving personalized coupons are channel for... 2.6 MILLION TREES DIRECT B2C ACQUISITION: 34* 80* MORE LIKELY TO REDEEM $$$ RETENTION: 37* D amounting to 1 billion landfill| pounds annually Scale and Reach Tailored Measurement VISA Mastercard AMERICAN Data-driven, with clear insight into By connecting online to in-store customer spending behavior, purchases, card-linked offers can Banks and credit card companies banks can personalize offers to drive sales, close the redemption are in a prime position to deliver drive relevancy. loop and measure the impact and massive consumer reach with effectiveness of marketing campaigns. discreet targeting and the ability to close the redemption loop. According to a recent sampling of CMOS, only 37% felt they had the right talent to leverage data and analytics. L00 MILLION CARD-LINKED OFFERS CREDIT CARDS IN THE U.S. 37% 63* YES 63% By 2015 the number of U.S. credit, debit and prepaid cards enrolled in card-linked programs will exceed NO 460 MILLION TYPE MEDIA BUDGET POTENTIAL REACH 30 WHAT CARD-LINKED OFFERS 100 K 1 MONTH $100K 20 MILLION CAMPAIGN ACTUALLY BUYS ACROSS MEDIA 2-SIDED $100K 100,000 POSTCARD DIRECT MAIL = $100K %24 30 REAL-TIME BIDDING 1 MONTH $100K 2.5 MILLION CAMPAIGN IMPRESSIONS = 1 MM Bravo TOP CHEF 4 BROADCAST $100K 1.85 MILLION COMMERCIAL SPOTS 1 DAY OF SPONSORED $150K 18 MILLION TRENDS х 266 facebook. DISPLAY AD $200K+ 266 MILLION CAMPAIGN You Tube 1 DAY OF ½ $500K 26 MILLION PAGE VIDEO AD PROVING SUCCESS PAYMENTS & ADVERTISING ARE INTERSECTING TARGET NEW CUSTOMERS BY: Banks and credit card companies are in a prime position to take marketing to the next level with: • Targeted advertising with in-store results • Card-linked offers automatically available on credit cards and mobile devices • Lifestyle • Life Event • Competitive Spend • Loyalty Base • The ability to close the redemption loop • Unique insight into customer spending behavior ROI MEASUREMENT increase loyalty and target new customers TARGET BY CARD-LINKED | REAL-TIME CABLE SOCIAL ONLINE DIRECT MAIL INTEREST OFFERS BIDDING TV SHARING VIDEO POSTCARD TARGET BY 3x - 9x ROI INTEREST, LOCATION Target new TRUE, DATA-DRIVEN Sales/ 2% typical customers Limited Limited Limited TARGETING Check-ins conversion Ability to rate in-Store meausure repeat visits Ability to I Impressions,! Click-thrus, I Sales, Direct Response measure Views, incrementality Traffic Direct Impressions, Response Shares Click-thrus Instant offer redemption Online CARD-LINKED OFFERS Bravo DIRECT edő Read more at SM @edointeractive SOURCES broadcast-top-25-the-big-bang-theory-tops-week-34-viewing-among-adults-18-49-ncis-on-top-with-total-viewers/183347/ nomy_Q1_2013 Opening-Mobile-Marketing-Stats-You-Should-Know.aspx direct-mail-delivers-best-roi-21278/targetmarketing-strongest-b2c-roi-channels-feb-2012jpg/ Statistics-How-Junk-Mail-Marketing-Damages-the-Environment.aspx Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Aite Group LLC Spencer Stuart: Big Data and the CMO: What's Changing for Marketing Leadership? lilili I| lilili

Digital Marketing Media & Reaching the Right Customers: What $100K Buys

shared by MikeSeiders on Jul 18
This infographic shows the effects of a shifting digital demographic. Breaking down the numbers highlights just how transformative the digital marketing media disruptions have become, as new channel...


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