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The Digital Marketer Story

THE DIGITAL MARKETER STORY -2001 1 Kid, his dormroom and his computer grew from 1 to 35 EMPLOYEES TESTED COUNTLESS BUSINESS MODELS radia wine hetel CPVIPPY software retargeting MULTIPLE CHANNELS UTILIZED mobile ads paid search ecommerce ha curity search engjine -2004 optimization branner advertising mobile phone serm weight less cat fo relaxation céramics cellphone vie tickets ffice supplies Ailiate Programs media bujing teleision satellite psychic r click social media word of mouth SPLIT-TESTED THOUSANDS OF CONVERSION METHODS EXPERIMENTED WITH MORE THAN 500 NICHES beauty produce o pet friendly travel -2007 The Kid in the Dorm room AFTER A LOT OF.... decided to apply his tested methods to something BIGGER... +1 DIGITAL PUBLISHING COMPANY FORMS -2010 OIDEA SS INCUBATOR HEALTH RELATIONSHIPS FINANCE EDUCATION DIGITAL MARKETING digitalmarkater 2011 WE DECIDED TO SHARE ALL OF OUR TESTED & PROVEN МЕТНODS WHAT COMPANY SPOTLIGHT HAPPENS WHEN WE APPLY OUR METHODS TO ANY NICHE?_ 30 DAYS 60 DAYS 90 DAYS No. of Customers 20% increase 70% increase 170% increase Avg. Cust. Value 25% increase 57% increase 112% increase Freq. of Sales 10% increase 13% increase 15% increase OUR PERSPECTIVE (aka Our Mantras) OFOR SALE Selling is NOT a 4-letter Word, but FREE is! People will joyously spend money on the things they love and are interested in (and conversely don't appreciate the things they get for free), so ask for their order!!! Given the choice between "Good for you" and "Good for the customer"...ALWAYS choose the customer. Customers only buy things that are good for "them". Given the choice between rich or "cool"...choose RICH! Cool doesn't take your business anywhere. Inside opinions are toxic. The best idea in the world is useless if the customer doesn't respond to it. The customer is the only marketing genius, so TEST EVERYTHING and find out what really works. The customer is not always "right", but their ACTIONS are. Screw surveys...measure actions not opinions. Demand Results! Conversions are currency, and "Brand-Building" isn't. If you're using someone else's money to build your "brand" before you've successfully sold're stealing! The job of a marketer is to SPEND MORE money...not less. If you're doing your job right, the more you spend, the more you'll make. (If that statement confuses you, get a different profession.) $4 Always focus on maximizing customer value First, then worry about customer volume. Only suckers spending someone else's money will worry about volume first.

The Digital Marketer Story

shared by kcatoto on Mar 26
The infographic is about the life of Ryan Deiss and how he started online. There are also some great tips to take away from it so use it to your advantage.


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