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The Complex Shopper

THE COMPLEX SHOPPER" A STUDY BY THE INTEGER GROUP HOW WELL DO YOU REALLY KNOW YOUR SHOPPERS? DO YOU KNO W WHO ... THX! BYE. ww. ? 99 24 Worries about Wants a social Reads and trusts making the wrong purchase? relationship with your company? user-generated product reviews? Wants a painless transaction that gets them in and out of your store as quickly as possible? The Integer Group's newest consumer study, The Complex Shopper", goes in depth to understand and reveal the motivations and interactions that drive shoppers during a considered purchase decision. THE FOUR SHOPPER PROFILES The research provided four distinct shopper profiles. Each group exhibits different behaviors as they move through a considered purchase decision-making process. EXPERIENCE LOVER FRETTING FRUGAL 6 Shopping is like going to an 6 Shopping is like writing a ice cream shop and sampling term paper -I don't want to all the different flavors." do it, but I know I have to." SHOPPING EMOTIONS TIME SPENT RESEARCHING SHOPPING EMOTIONS TIME SPENT RESEARCHING - II III + > Satisfied with purchases > Excited and happy when shopping * Often frustrated with the experience * Feels overwhelmed BRAND RELATIONSHIP -III IIII||||I+ BRAND RELATIONSHIP |I+ with decisions > Feels smart and proud about decisions SOCIAL MEDIA USAGE 29%. 31% SOCIAL MEDIA USAGE * Nervous about making wrong decisions -II|I ||||| -+ - III + 1,600+ Consumers Surveyed PASSIVE PURCHASER Nationally SOCIAL ADVENTURER 15% 6f Shopping is like 25% 66 Shopping is like a getting a haircut. I can only treasure hunt where I get put it off for so long." to create my own map." WANT MORE TIME SPENT RESEARCHING SHOPPING EMOTIONS SHOPPING EMOTIONS TIME SPENT RESEARCHING SHOPPER DETAILS? -1111 И > Not emotionally tied to products or companies » Feels little to no emotion when shopping » Experiences all emotions from anxiousness to pride • Perceives herself as BRAND RELATIONSHIP BRAND RELATIONSHIP Visit our website to download III+ -II the executive summary. fashionable SOCIAL MEDIA USAGE SOCIAL MEDIA USAGE Doesnt care what others think * Cares what others think about the purchase SHOPPING THE BIG-TICKET CATEGORIES We examined a diverse group of product categories, ranging from $100s to $1,000s. What did we find? WINDOWS & DOORS COFFEE MAKERS 20% visited the store for design inspiration. Shoppers are FURNITURE purchasing these in 39% were looking to upgrade their home with this purchase; 7% cited the main reason to 6O VACATION TRAVEL a variety of places: discounters (27%), purchase now was an upcoming holiday or event at home. department stores (21%). home stores (21%), Planning a vacation is often a solo pursuit, with 42% arranging the online (18%), purchase alone. FLOORING AUTOMOBILES 69% had no prior experience Shoppers went online with the brand an average of 14.5 they purchased. times and to a dealer 3.4 times during the shopping proces5- most of any category. VACUUM MAJOR APPLIANCES CLEANERS Median spend on new vacuum 40% purchased "now" because their old appliance broke; replacement needs are important in this category. cleaners is $150. WHO'S BUYING MY PRODUCT? THE COMPLEX SHOPPER A STUDY BY T INIEGIE GROU We discovered that the four shopper profiles all behave and spend Understanding your customers, their differently based on the item they're purchasing - and often not in motivations and, ultimately, what drives them the ways we expected. Take a look at the sample for Experience Lovers. to buy your product could change the way you do business in 2012. KEY: EXPERIENCE LOVER $$ $$$ $$$$ FLOORING For more shopper insights and category-specific results, email us at FURNITURE [email protected] VACATION TRAVEL or visit A AUTOMOBILES integer © 2011 THE INTEGER GROUP

The Complex Shopper

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The Complex Shopper by The Integer Group. Visit for more info!


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