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Communicating Across Age Borders. What Drives a Generation?

Do you know the Generations that make up today's workforce? TRADITIONALISTS BABY BOOMERS Born before 1946 4% of today's workforce Born between 1946 & 1964 31% of today's workforce Incentive Solutions An ISI Company 1-866-567-7432 GENERATION X MILLENIALS Born between 1981 & 1994 33% of today's workforce Born after 1965 & before 1980 32% of today's workforce Let's Get to know them... TRADITIONALISTS BABY BOOMERS GENERATION X MILLENIALS I helped build the infrastructure of Modern American Business I am defined by: Duty and sacrifice I will change the world I count on myself. I have seen too many institutions fall - the church, government and corporations. I am special. I will achieve anything I put my mind to. / will serve my community. I am defined by: Individuality and giving back through volunteer work. I work too much. I am defined by: Independence and flexibility. I grew up with a lack of supervision. I am defined by: Over protective parents and digital communication I was shaped by: The Great Depression Pearl Harbor The Korean War The American Dream I was shaped by: JFK assassination MLK assassination I was shaped by: Watergate High divorce rates Lack of supervision Challenger explosion Massive corporate layoffs John Lennon assassination I was shaped by: Trophies for participation Virtual social life Diverse upbringings Columbine shootings Oklahoma City bombings Clinton-Lewinsky scandal Terrorism The Beatles Neal Armstrong landingonthe moon Woodstock My character: Stable Loyal Hardworking Very thorough My character: Ambitious Competitive Hard working Team oriented My character: Independent Skeptical Adaptable to change Burnout My character: Digital native Well educated The technology of my day: Radio The technology of my day: Social Optimistic Right now Uncommitted TV The technology of my day: PC The technology of my day: The internet THEIR PREFERENCES I Prefer the "old fashioned" phone call I am totally ready for every mode of electronic communication - hit me with your best shot! I check my emails, but l'd prefer Email me. you call me. Frankly, I wish you'd get to the point. Be direct. I'l choose my communication mode and how often I use it. I value print material and memos. Acknowledgement and respect my expertise and experience. I want the opportunity to provide feedback and offer my sugges- tions for improvement. I don't take calls from sales people, annoying. Get to the point, for the love of all that is holy. I need an answer ASAP. Just text me. Send a hand written note to follow up. Keep me in the loop and focus on truth vs. political correctness. Do not be too informal. This is business, after all. Of course I like feedback, but don't be mean. Highlight testimonials and have references ready. Don't like sugar coat it. Go the extra mile - I appreciate persistence. Show me how your products and services will get the job done. I have to get back to my boss. Earn my trust - transparency is key Ask me for the sale - "Do we have a deal?" Let me be in control of the I can make informed decisions myself. Just get me the important facts and info. process. Loyalty matters. I'd rather keep my options open, thanks. Don't bug me. Pi use the internet to find what I need. Under promise and over deliver. Link goals to my company's mission and the impact on our Don't bug me - internet guru, remember? Stay in touch, frequently. Forget the relationship - what's the bottom line? team. Keep presentation's formal - nothing flashy. Messaging that worked Join The People Who've Joined the Army. Can you like hold my hand and help me give me the next steps to close the deal? I'l find the problems, always do. Have a backup plan ready. Message matters - avoid acro- nyms and slang. I love pics. Can you like add pics and animation to your presentation? I have over 1000 followers I'll close the sale, thanks. Messaging that worked I Want You! Messaging that worked Be All That You Can Be FB and Twitter. That is so old school and it doesn't really apply today. I mean, I don't want to be rude, but there are way better avenues. Messaging that worked The Power Of One. THEIR MOTIVATION Money Money Training opportunities Fun, laid back place to work Goal tracking - company and personal Public recognition Public recognition Immediate gratification and feedback Responsibility Peer to peer recognition Interaction with senior leaders Continued education opportunities Control Subordinates Time off- like my personal time Flexibility- why cantI work from the house? Advancement on the org chart Promotion Recognition from my boss Control Money Stock options Comer office Title change Market TO them. Close the deal. MUST DO STRATEGIES TRADITIONALISTS BABY BOOMERS GENERATION X MILLENIALS Call them. Send direct mail - post cards, thank you notes and letters about updates to your products, services and your company Schedule a face to face Utilize social media - make the Make yourself easy to find, via the Web connection Keep it formal Email Keep an informal 2 12way dialogue Demonstrate respect Demonstrate the impact on the Keep it informal and focus on efficiencies Be personable, but not informal individuals Demonstrate the impact your cts and services have had on Demonstrate competence on the mission other companies. DID YOU KNOW... This is the first timein history corporations are dealing with four distinct generations of workers. Each generation responds to different messages, learns and communicates in different ways. Baby Boomers control 70% of the America's disposable income. Only 5% of advertising is geared toward them. 8 of 10 baby boomers expect to work part time during retirement. BPW Foundation daims that by 2025, Millennials willmake up 75% of the world's workforce. Unemployment rates for Millennials are twice the national average. RESOURCES USA Today, 2014 | BPW Foundation, 2011 | US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 2014 | Lori Gold for Leadership Now August 2013

Communicating Across Age Borders. What Drives a Generation?

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