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Business Recruitment Habits 2015

Business Recruitment Habits CVid Recruit surveyed a broad cross-section of industry executives to discover common recruitment habits and gain insight into how businesses go about finding the right candidate for a given vacancy. Our findings are presented below. 767 responses in total 25.8% 14.7% 9.3% were founders/ were operational were human resource business owners managers managers Industry Representation Over 20 industry groups were represented in the survey. The industries most highly represented in the survey were: Retail 120 16,8% Manufacturing 62 8,7% Technology 74 10,4% Health 55 7.7% Education 67 9.4% Employment Rates tt.. Just said their business employed over 20% (> 1,000 employees. Almost employed 55% > 50 employees. Industries that employ the most people Retail Government Technology Health Average Age Average age of the respondent's workforce: Average age of job applicants: Average age by Industry 26-35 36-45 Retail Government Health 18 55+ Technology Education The CVid survey represents a fabulous spread of business size, employee age and industry representation with a very strong response rate. So what did the research tell us? Recruitment Process Those responsible for recruitment were in one or more of the following roles: 83.33% 68.12% 60% human owners/founders operational resources managers Recruitment Agencies would recommend 77.1% the agency to a colleague. 38.1% 80.8% would use an agent again. respondents used a recruitment agent felt the quality of service from the agency was what was expected. 81.1% to secure felt that the quality of candidates was exactly what they were expecting. new employees. 75.8% This is a great wrap for recruitment agents! Recruitment Expenditure 32.9% 32.9% spend < $500 21.4% spend >$3000 Key finding: 21.4% The health industry spends more on recruitment than any other 14.7% 13.8% 11.5% 5.7% sector. $0 - $500 $501 - $1000 $1001 - $1500 $1501 - $2000 $2001 - $2500 $3000+ Screening Applicants Roughly how much time do you spend going through each potential candidate's documentation? For the majority of respondent, it takes 5 min + 31 - 60 sec 1-2 min 3 -4 min 0- 30 sec OVER 5 MINUTES to go through each application. 7.2% 9.7% 19.0% 20.4% 43.6% At 5 minutes per candidate, it takes at least 82 hours to review 100 applicants. But reviewing documentation is just 1 step in a long process: Getting the job Employers are beginning to request more from candidates, including: The three most important elements which employers require from candidates are: in Linkedin Facebook Relevant profile profile work experience Covering letter Twitter CV Presentations profile Less than half the respondents request that candidates supply a CV. Does a CV accurately reflect a candidate's attributes? Key Finding: Almost 1/2 the respondents don't believe a CV accurately YES NO 51% X 49% reflects a candidate's attributes. ????? ? ? Are CVs still relevant? 44.1% of businesses rely on telephone interviews as the first How can employers determine attributes prior to investing time into a face to face interview? step in choosing an applicant. Top reasons for securing a job role: 100% 90% 75% 80% 70% 67% 67% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Good Positive Honesty Appropriate presentation Attitude ehaviour 70% 55% Video CVs are a great way to showcase character of the respondents said that they would watch a video resume if it were submitted as part of the application. of companies that use recruitment agencies said they could save time by viewing a video CV. and experience first-hand. CVid Recruit is the newest and best recruitment solution to help you find the perfect recruits faster. CVid Bringing CVs to life You can view video CVs of the candidates and rate, tag, shortlist and share them. See the personality, not just the PDF.

Business Recruitment Habits 2015

shared by harry.gardiner on Apr 07
CVid Recruit surveyed over 760 industry experts to learn how they go about recruiting the right candidates in 2015. The responses were phenomenal, and the unique data collected offered valuable insig...


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