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Are We Slackers?

ARE WE SLACKERS? IN SEARCH OF WHAT MOTIVATES EMPLOYEES More than half of the American workforce feels disengaged from their jobs, meaning most workers are not productive and perform their tasks with minimal care. These disgruntled citizens cost employers billions of dollars a year in lost productivity. And they spread their malaise through the office, breaking their colleagues' spirits and making even the most inviting space feel like a cubicle inferno. How can the American workforce regain its passion for work? Simple, through meaningful recognition of their contributions. Unfortunately, most companies get it wrong. Read on to find out what incentives truly motivate employees and keep office morale intact. THE CURRENT WORKFORCE A mere one-third of American workers are engaged with their work, a stable trend throughout 2011. 18% DISENGAGED Employees are unhappy at work and not productive. 52% NOT ENGAGED Employees perform without enthusiasm or care for their work. 29% ENGAGED Employees work with passion and feel a deep connection to their company. $300 billion is the cost of an unmotivated of American workers are not engaged with or actively disengaged workforce. 71% A Gallup study found disengaged employees cost companies $300 from their work. billion in lost productivity each year. LINKING MOTIVATION AND PRODUCTIVITY The Hay Group, a global management and consulting firm, measured its employees' current levels of satisfaction at 10 regional offices, then linked survey results to revenue: $166,000 Hay Group found offices with engaged employees were 43 percent more productive. was generated per disengaged or non-engaged consultant. 43% $238,000 was generated per engaged consultant. LOST SATISFACTION In September 2011, Market Tools, Inc. collected responses from 630 U.S. employees, finding the following: Are you satisfied with the level of recognition you receive for doing a good job at work? 24% YES 76% NO 39% of workers do not feel appreciated at work. Would you work harder if your efforts were better recognized? 77% YES 23% NO 66% The survey also found two out of three employees (66%) planning to leave wish their company would improve recognition at work. 40% of respondents not planning to leave their company want more recognition at work. IT'S NOT ABOUT MONEY Emotionally reconnecting employees may be easier than thought. Employees indicated the incentives that would make them better engaged at work. Employees list developments that would spark better performance. More opportunities 27% Greater clarity about what the organization needs 25% Career development opportunities and training 20% me to do and why Flexible job conditions (control over work flow, flexible time, etc.) 15% 23% Development opportunities and training Improved cooperation among coworkers 9% 14% Regular, specific feedback about job performance More challenging work 8% 10% A better relationship with coworkers A better relationship with manager 7% 7% Better communication with manager Greater clarity about my own work preferences and career goals 6% 6% A coach or a mentor other than manager 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% IMPROVING PERFORMANCE Finding the right incentives to stimulate company growth and employee morale are the keys to a happy and successful work environment. Research by Idea Connect, a staffing network, indicated an recognition program can boost performance by up to Longer-term programs outperform short-term solutions. 44 percent. 1 Year 44% 6 Months 30% 1 Week 20% 0% 10% 20% 40% 50% Percent of Performance Increase The Right Incentives Why Monetary Incentives Fail • Monetary incentives lack the "trophy value," and employees Recognize and praise employees often. feel awkward discussing this type of award with others. • Cash awards are often forgotten and tend to be Honor employees publicly. spent on everyday items. • Cash is perceived as part of the employees' compensation Diversify awards to meet employees' individual needs, such as outings, package and not part of an incentive program. trophies, or point reward system. In a survey by Westminster College, U.S. employees indicated incentives that would inspire performance: Employees List Top Motivational Techniques They Would Prefer: 32% 27% 18% Boosting Morale Praise/Recognition Monetary Awards Acknowledging and recognizing employees for their contributions at work goes a long way toward keeping them motivated and engaged. These needs are quite achievable, and are not tied to monetary concerns, so adjusting policies and implementing these minor steps can make an enormous difference in employee morale-and company performance. Rypple SOURCES: GMJ.GALLUP.COM, SHRM.ORG, EHSTODAY.COM, BLESSINGWHITE.COM, WESTMINSTERCOLLEGE.EDU, GHA.ORG, GLOBOFORCE.COM, HAYGROUP.COM Length of Program

Are We Slackers?

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“Disengagement” may sound like just another corporate buzzword, but it’s a serious problem in today’s workforce. More than half of U.S. employees report feeling disengaged from their jobs.




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