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When Sharks Attack

Shark Bytes: How and Where Sharks Attack Most likely places to be bitten by a shark Shark attacks and fatalities around the world 1580-2008 *. ... Head 6% 1049 39 18 Upper torso 10% Arms 8% 49 Lower torso 19% 69 116 121 103 18 50 50 60 10 33 276 Upper legs 25% 74 100 23 Lower legs 32% Attacks Fatalities 329 133 46 Shark attacks and fatalities around the United States 1670-2009 Average human 165 pounds Speeds up to 5 mph 21 17 100 Great white shark Up to 5,000 pounds Speeds up to 25 mph 103 35 Tiger shark Up to 1,400 pounds Speeds up to 20 mph 10 629 35 10 64 3 13 Attacks Fatalities Bull shark Up to 700 pounds Speeds up to 11 mph SHARK NO ORTINGS INF REF Are you shark bait? Surfers Swimmers 1950 1970 1990 Divers Other How sharks attack The hit-and-run In the most common type of shark attack, the shark sneaks up on you like a ninja, attacks, then takes off. Chances of surviving are pretty good if no vital organs were hit. Bump and bite The shark will circle you before attacking. Your life will flash in front of you along with some scenes from JAWS. Here the shark bumps you, just to make sure you are extra terrified and then the chomping begins. Lots of chomping! Sneak attacks These are a lot like hit-and-run attacks, except the shark doesn't take off. It returns. It will keep chomping on you until you die, and probably for some time after. How sharks DON'T attack Lasers on sharks Mega Shark Helicopter shark Things more likely to kill you than a shark... Falling coconuts Falling out of bed Crushed by a vending machine Struck by lightning Left-handers using right-handed equipment Sources: International Shark Attack File, Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission,,, Infographic: Jerry James Stone (@jerryjamesstone)/ Chris Rooney ( Snacks

When Sharks Attack

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The shark is not only king of the waters, but also one of the titans of American pop-culture. We've immortalized sharks and their sheer size and power in movies and television for decades. But do you ...


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