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The Top 10 Benefits of Learning Drums

10 ТОР BENEFITS OF LEARNING DRUMS FOR ADULTS AND CHILDREN Stress Relief 1 Playing drums can relieve frustration, disappointment, and stress, Playing for just a few minutes can boost your mood. Similar to a "runner's high," drummers' brains release feel-good endorphins immediately after playing music. Increase Academic Performance 2 Learning drums can boost academic performance, especially in math; after all, drummers have to count! .. Drumming can also help students learn fractions, frequencies, and intervals Playing drums can boost verbal communication skills; learning lyrics can help build vocabulary and pronunciation Boost Brain Power When you play drums, you have to coordinate all four limbs to work together at the same time. This requires you to use both sides of your brain simultaneously Playing drums makes the brain think in a different way, this type of brain activity can improve an individual's IQ level. Develop Confidence 4 To be successful, drummers must learn to play dynamically: loud and soft. Playing loud requires guts and confidence Learning drums requires students to break complex tasks into manageable parts. This skill carries over into life; drummers have more confidence to tackle difficult problems 5 Improve Communication Skills Learning drums can boost verbal skills, which can help you communicate more effectively with peers. Drummers must also learn to express themselves without using words, which improves non-verbal communication skills. Be a Global Citizen Drumming can open your world to music styles and traditions from all over the world Drummers develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the arts 7 Make New Friends No matter where you go, you will be able to talk and relate to people who play and appreciate drums With various opportunities to join or create your own band, you will meet lots of new and interesting people Play New Instruments and Styles 8. Learning drums gives you a foundation to play a wide rånge of instruments Part of the fun of learning drums is discovering new instruments, styles, and sounds to play! Get Fit A drum practice session is a great way to break a sweat while having fun Drum circle participants burned an average of 270.4 calories in 30 minutes, just by playing hand drums and moving to the beat. Lifelong Learning 10 You can be a drummer at any age; once you start, you can keep drumming as long as you want! Learning drums will enhance your life, and as long as you never stop learning, you will have endless opportunities to improve and be the best musician you can be. Ready to sign up for drum lessons? Find a drum instructor at t takelessons Sources DRUMMING HELP_STUDENTS GROW ACADEMICALLY.HTM

The Top 10 Benefits of Learning Drums

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Playing drums is fun, but it also comes with a number of physical, mental, and personal benefits. Here are 10 ways adults and children benefit from learning drums.




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