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Is It the Right Time for Piano Lessons? (Quiz for Parents)

IS YOUR CHILD READY FOR PIANO LESSONS? Do you own a PIANO or keyboard. or have the budget to purchase one? NO ..... YES 24 Parental involvement playa a big part in a child's success. Your child may still be ready to start plano lensons, especially if he or ahe has shown an active Are you also willing to INVEST in the cost of lessons, books, and other equipment? interest in learning. but it's not the ideal scenario. ....> Do you have the TIME to provide support and gtve positive feedback to your child, practicing if necessary? NO YES s well as enforce NO Is your child genuinely INTERESTED in learming how to play, or is he or she open to the idea? Does she show an INTEREST in music in general, or enjoy playing around on the plano on her own? (..... YES YES NO Does your child PAY ATTENTION when you're explaining something? Does he know how to follow directions and/or play games with rules? Your son or daughter's ability to focus as well as overall interest plano can make a big impact on his or her learning. Knowledge of the alphabet and counting to 10 are also important for recognizing and reading plano notes. Learning how to read music takes time, so it might be best to hold off a year or two if you think your child might struggle with this. Until she's ready. continue exposing her to music! ... NO X. <... NO YES NO АВС Is your child able to FOCUS on one thing for 20-30 minutes? Does your child know the ALPHABET, at least from A-G? NO NO Does your child know the difference between LEFT AND RIGHT? .....> YES YES YES 123 Can your child COUNT to 10? Can your child comfortably place FIVE FINGERS on five adjacent white keys on the plano or keyboard? Has your child developed fine MOTOR CONTROL? For example, can she use scissors, or color within E... YES the lines fairly well? X. -> NO Your child's physical readiness is perhaps the simplest way to decide if he or she is ready for lessons. If he YES NO YES doesn't have the fine motor control needed, learning to play will be that much more difficult. Until he's ready. continue exposing him to music! Listen to music together, sing and dance along, and encourage musical exploration. TIME TO FIND A PIANO TEACHER! READY TO FIND A PIANO te takelessons TEACHER NEAR YOU? Visit to start your search! ...) .....> .... ....... ---> ---> .....

Is It the Right Time for Piano Lessons? (Quiz for Parents)

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Thinking of signing your child up for piano lessons? Use this infographic to determine if it's the right time, and learn about the factors that should go into the decision.




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