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The Life of a Cow

THE LIFE OF A COW Maybe we should cry over spilled milk. BORN INTO TRAGEDY Calves are generally taken from their mothers 1 to 3 days after birth. Female calves are frequently sentenced to Male calves are often sold for veal because the same fate as their mothers. they're considered worthless by the dairy industry. A BYPRODUCT OF DEHORNING VEAL: MILK PRODUCTION Nearly all cows used in the dairy industry are born with tissue that will develop into horns, but farmers destroy this tissue or, later, the developing horns, using these: Many male calves are confined to dark crates for up to 22 weeks in order to keep their flesh tender. HAND SEARING-HOT SHARP SAWS IRONS WIRES CAUSTIC GUILLOTINE KNIVES CHEMICALS DEHORNERS (which also cut off the surrounding skin) LIVING MILK MACHINES Frightened, sick, and alone, calves raised for veal are susceptible to a long list of diseases, including: Cows in the dairy industry have been genetically manipulated and are sometimes drugged in order to force them to produce up to 4.5 times as much milk as they would naturally. CHRONIC PNEUMONIA ANEMIA DIARRHEA FORCED -----> PRODUCTION Many can barely walk because of illness or muscle atrophy. NATURAL A DEATH SENTENCE PRODUCTION 30 to 50% of cows used for milk may be suffering from mastitis, an extremely painful inflammation of the breast tissue. When they go to the slaughterhouse, 40 to 45 calves are crammed into each transport truck. 50% 30% Up to 50% of cows exploited for milk may be lame because of the strain of being constantly pregnant and living on filthy dirt lots or hard concrete floors. 50% They are forced to travel up to 1,200 to 1,500 miles to their deaths. LAME NORMAL That's like driving from Fenway Park to Disney World. But it's no HOOF НOOF vacation. A TRAGIC END When a cow can no longer produce milk, this is what she becomes: All while suffering from temperature extremes and lack of: DOG AND SOUP LOW-GRADE FOOD VETERINARY WATER CAT FOOD HAMBURGER CARE MEAT AVERAGE LIFE SPAN OF COWS A cow's natural life span is up to 20 years, but cows in the dairy industry are killed after 4 or 5 years and calves destined to become veal are killed after only a few months of life. 20 18 14 10 ON DAIRY ON VEAL FARMS NATURAL LIFE SPAN FARMS Choose compassion. Try fortified soy, almond, and oat milks, which provide calcium, vitamins, iron, zinc, and protein but contain no cholesterol and are not a product of cruelty. Learn how you can help cows at PETA Life span in years O------

The Life of a Cow

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Many people are surprised to learn that nearly all cows used for milk are born with tissue that will develop into horns. But that’s just one of many secrets that farmers in the dairy industry keep f...




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