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How Much Do You Know About Milk?

How Much Do You Know About Milk? Get the Secrets, Stories & Facts of America's Favorite Natural Beverage The Freshest Beverage Milk goes from cow to the dairy aisle in just two days, making it the freshest, most natural beverage. 2 days WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE TO EAT TO GET THE SAME AMOUNT OF CALCIUM AS IN ONE 8-OUNCE GLASS OF MILK? 12 SERVINGS OF WHOLE GRAINS Milk by the OF AHERI STAT Numbers... 10 CUPS OF RAW SPINACH It Makes ETETY ..... Good Cents! Consider milk your refrigerator's secret weapon-each serving is only 25 cents and provides an irreplaceable package of nutrients. 6 SERVINGS OF LEGUMES Milk: The Ultimate 100 3 CUPS: the amount of Milk & Milk Products recommended daily for those over age 9 from the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. CALORIE* SNACK PACK! *8 ounces of fat-free or 1% milk. Decoding the Dairy Aisle Milk is one of the most highly regulated foods in America. All types are equally wholesome and safe to drink, including organic and conventional versions. Below are the need-to-know facts. fat-free ORCANIC Organic Milk From cows fed organic diets. The nutrient Whole Milk 2% or 1% Milk Fat-free Milk Lactose-Free Milk Creamy! Whole milk contains 3.5% fat by weight, the same amount found when it leaves the cow. Vitamin D is added to most milk produced in the U.S. to enhance the absorption of calcium. (also known as reduced- fat or low-fat milk) Fat and calorie levels (also known as non- fat or skim milk) From slender cows. Kidding. Fat-free milk has no Lactose is the naturally occurring sugar in milk. Think you're lactose intolerant? Try lactose-free milk (real milk without the lactose). It tastes great and provides the same levels of calcium, potassium, vitamin D and more. content is the same as are reduced in these conventional milk and versions, but they have the same complete nutrient package as more than 0.2% milk fat. So it's the lowest in calories but, again, has offers the same health benefits. It's the process that makes this milk whole milk just as many nutrients as whole milk. organic, not the product. One cup of milk-whether whole, low-fat or fat-free-provides: Glass for glass, the health benefits of milk can't be underestimated: Milk & Milk Products can build Your Daily Value (DV) 30% DV of Riboflavin 26% strong bones, lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of diabetes and some cancers and DV of Vitamin D - 25% DVof Phosphorus 25% help you maintain a healthy weight. DV of Vitamin B-12 22% DV of Protein 16% DV of Potassium 11% Dairy Council of California DW of Vitamin A 10% DV of Niacir - 10% Healthy Eating Made Easier ©2012 Dairy Council of Califormia •...... ...... .............

How Much Do You Know About Milk?

shared by leanneruzz on Jun 06
There is so much to love about milk! For only 25 cents a glass it is the healthiest, freshest beverage you can choose. Plus you can customize your milk however you want – fat-free, whole or chocolat...


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