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How Much Would It Cost To Be Batman or Superman?

HOW MUCH WOULD IT CO$T TO BE BATMAN OR SUPERMAN? THIS YEAR THE CAPED CRUSADERS GO HEAD-TO-HEAD IN BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE. BUT HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT HOW MUCH IT'D COST TO BE ONE OF THESE GUYS OVER THE COURSE OF A YEAR? • COST OF BEING BATMAN • • COST OF BEING SUPERMAN • RESIDENCE: A RESIDENCE: £6.3m £695 Batman loves his lavish, out-of-town mansion. It doesn't come cheap though. Average monthly rent on a two-bedroom apartment in the US is $1,936. But given Supe spends half his - time cocooned in an ice palace, we've halved it. FOOD: FOOD: £718,000 Superheroes got to eat. Batman gorges on veg and protein - and it doesn't come cheap. £70 Superman doesn't need to eat, he's powered by the sun. When he does eat it's only to .. fit in. He drinks tap water to0, saves cash. EMERGENCY FUND: o £18m What would Batman do if his kit EMERGENCY FUND: packed in and he blew a tyre on his Batmobile? We reckon he'd £35 If his cape is on the blink, he just takes the bus. need squillions in an. emergency, like when his gaff burnt down in Batman Begins. H KEEPING FIT: £639 Keep fit? Pah. Superman doesn't need to. He does KEEPING FIT: £1.3m Do you think it's some magic ju-ju juice that keeps Batman looking the o way he does? He spends loads on mega-expensive take out a Fitness First membership, though. So folk don't think he's weird. gym equipment.● ● PHONING HOME: £178 ULTRASONIC BAT ATTRACTOR That direct line to Krypton isn't cheap. £360,000 "Come here, friends!" KRYPTONITE INSURANCE CUSTOM GRAPHITE COWL: £718,000 He spends loads on black boot polish too. £1.4m Super splashes out on bespoke kryptonite insurance to keep the green stuff at bay. ELBOW AND KNEE PADS: LASER EYES CHECK-UP: £500 Specsavers do a special check just for Supe. £14 Climbing through sewers and scaling up buildings ain't easy on the hands and knees. DONATION TO THE BAT CONSERVATION TRUST: * SUIT: £838 Batman likes to give a bit back to the bats. £17 Superman's suit isn't as high-tech as his rival's. He just nips out of his work gear and dons a cape in a phone booth. BATMOBILE: A VEHICLE: £0 £6.2 million Experts reckon the Batmobile featured in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice would cost nearly armour and weaponise. When Superman looks round at his peers and sees their souped-up, whizz-bang flying machines, he must feel pretty sad. Not when it saves you $9 mil a year, matey. $10 million • TOTAL COST OF BEING BATMAN FOR A YEAR • • TOTAL COST OF BEING SUPERMAN FOR A YEAR • £33.6m £1.4m BROUGHT TO YOU BY: SOURCES • • WIZZcash perman-batmobile-in-real-life-would-cost-9-million.htm

How Much Would It Cost To Be Batman or Superman?

shared by BlueGlassUK on Mar 19
As we patiently await the new Batman vs Superman, finance experts Wizzcash have worked on an infographic project inspired by the film. This fun graphic gives you all the info you need about the cos...


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