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How Long Does A Lawsuit Take?

HOWLONG DOES A LAWSUIT TAKE? Personal injury lawsuits require varying time periods to resolve. Some cases are settled quickly, while other more complex cases may take many months or even longer to resolve. Some of the factors that influence the length of time it takes to settle an injury case include the court schedules where the legal action is pending, the complexity of the suit, the nature of the injuries suffered by the victim and the need for ongoing medical treatment, as well as other factors. ESSENTIALLY, EACH INJURY CASE MOVES THROUGH THE SAME SERIES OF STEPS: 1 THE INVESTIGATION FINDING AND HIRING AN ATTORNEY An investigation into the facts is initiated directly after you have retained counsel. Specific data will be collected like : so tell me how it happened ? This step is extremely important, particularly in cases of serious or POLICEREPORT MEDICALRECORDS catastrophic injury. • Collect medical records & identify injuries • Additional care and • Get accident report treatment recommendations, ENSURING THE PATIENT GETS ALL RECOMMENDED CARE AND TREATMENT if needed. POLICY LIMITS WELCOME • Determine • Write up letter insurance of Retention It is imperative that the injured person has 4 DETERMINING THE access to any treatment or care that has been recommended by the medical professionals INSURANCE THE AT-FAULT PARTY CARRIES. who assessed his or her condition. The insurance company PRE-SUIT NEGOTIATIONS POLICY LIMITS of the responsible party is contacted and the policy limits identified. yes, we will progress it Here's the facts 6 FILING THE LAWSUIT If the insurance company does not make a fair settlement offer, a lawsuit will be filed. INSURANCE ADJUSTER LAWYER The facts are shared with an insurance adjuster, in an effort to get the case resolved quickly and fairly. A fair settlement offer may be presented at this stage in a percentage of cases. It can be accepted if the client and lawyer agree the offer is fair. An initial settlement offer at a fair level occurs in some cases, and when it does, the offer is accepted and the case concluded. DISCOVERY 7 1) This process includes INTERROGATORIES CASE EVALUATION (3 Prior to trial, the case is submitted to a panel that is tasked with DEPOSITIONS evaluating the claim. If the amount determined by the panel is acceptable to the injured person, the case is resolved at this point. If not, the case proceeds to trial. This occurs about 50% of the time. and developing witness lists and sharing this information with the opposing counsel. PREPARING FOR TRIAL 10 VERDICT SETTLEMENT PAY TO THE ORDER OF : $ 10,000 00/100 The case is carefully prepared for presentation to a jury, with all relevant facts regarding the degree of the injuries, the long-term consequences to the victim, the facts surrounding the negligence of the responsible party, and all other details. SIGN SIGN The case is presented in court, the jury reaches a verdict, and the settlement is awarded to the injured party and becomes a court order. CALCULATING A PERSONAL INJURY SETTLEMENT HOW DO YOU FIND OUT HOW MUCH YOUR CASE IS WORTH? There are various calculations that must be undertaken to determine the value of a personal injury claim. A person who has been injured by the acts of another party has the right to recover damages of various types. Such as: Auto Accidents Motorcyle Medical Dog Bite Disabilities Slip and Accidents Malpractice Fall ALLOF THESE DAMAGES ARE CAREFULLY EVALUATED, OFTEN WITH THE HELP OF OR OTHER MEDICAL EXPERTS ACCOUNTING EXPERTS PROFESSIONALS who may be needed, based upon the degree of the injuries suffered. THE DAMAGES PURSUED INCLUDE, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: DOCTOR BILLS HOSPITAL BILLS AMBULANCE COSTS NURSING CARE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT COSTS LOSS OF INCOME FROM WORK TRANSPORTATION REHABILITATION COSTS PAIN AND SUFFERING LOSS OF CONSORTIUM ESTIMATED FUTURE FINANCIAL LOSSES EMOTIONAL ANGUISH Under Michigan Law, The state also employs the legal concept of comparative negligence as outlined in SECTION 600.294A there is a statutory limit of SECTION 600.2959 $500,000 in which the percentage of fault in an accident on the amount of non-economic damages that can be paid to a victim in a product liability case. WILL AFFECT THE VALUE of the settlement paid to the injured person. If you have questions about how much your case is worth, we invite you to contact Goodman Acker, P.C. The firm provides legal services on a contingency fee basis, and has recovered millions in damages for the injured. With 30 years of experience at trial, you can be confident that your legal representation is highly skilled, effective and has a long track record of results. Call now or use our online form to submit facts about your injury case. We respond quickly, and we are dedicated to pursuing justice for the injured in Michigan. brought to you by : GOODMAN ACKERn. Detroit's Trusted Law Firm P.C.

How Long Does A Lawsuit Take?

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Personal injury lawsuits require varying time periods to resolve. Some cases are settled quickly, while other more complex cases may take many months or even longer to resolve. Some of the factors th...




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