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6 Tips for Training Your Puppy to Never Bite

6 Tips for Training Your Puppy to NEVER BITE Make Consistency a Mainstay of Your Training Every time a bite occurs, emphatically respond with a stern “No!" Then, simply walk away and ignore your puppy. This method serves as a social time out of sorts. Use a Taste Deterrent to Prevent Playful Biting Before playing with your puppy, spray a taste deterrent on the areas of your body that your puppy tends to playfully bite. Bitter Apple, Vick's Vapor Rub, white vinegar and tea tree oil all work nicely. Redirect Attention Through Teething Toys Once your puppy has calmed down, engage him or her through pup- py-friendly teething toys. Make certain to keep your hands away from your puppy's mouth. Never Play Roughly With a Puppy That's Prone to Bite If rough play is rewarded with more rough play, your puppy will struggle to overcome his or her biting habit. Furthermore, never use your hands as toys. In Severe Cases, Consider Using a Spray Water Bottle While this might be difficult to do, if severe biting continues to be a real issue, keep a spray bottle nearby so that your strong declara- tions of "No!" can be followed by a quick squirt of water. Always Reward Good Behavior Good behavior should always immediately be rewarded with gentle love, cuddling, words of praise and the occasional doggy treat. Robert J. DeBry ASSOCIATES

6 Tips for Training Your Puppy to Never Bite

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If puppies are taught to not bite at a young age, more than likely, there will never be an issue with others when they're fully grown.


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