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Horse Owners Save Money

HORSE OwneRS How to Save Money Every Year 12 828 2a 718281828 KeeP YOUR HORSE AT A DIY LIVERY Save up to £200 a month Livery charges are the biggest cost when owning a horse - a full livery package can cost upto €320 a month* compared to a DIY Livery of £80 a month* - With DIY you will need to buy feed, hay & bedding also Consider if you can keep your horse on GRASS LIVERY - This could save you an additional €180 a month** BUY THE BEST QUALITY FeeD in BULK Save up to €30 a month Horses need Hay/Haylage, Bedding & Hard feed on a monthly basis - this can cost up to €90 a month*. Consider buying in bulk with other horse owners - this could save you up to 30% a month. It would not be cheaper to purchase cheap food in the long run - this could risk your horses health - but buying in bulk could save you FinD CHEAP IinsURANce Save up to £50 a Year Join an organisation that gives free insurance - horse societies or jumping & eventing associations may provide free insurance - do your homework! Also buying online may give you a discount. Having your horse security marked, freezemarked or microchipped may reduce your insurance costs, as well as only insuring the basics - personal liability & vet fees only SCHEDULE VETS, FARRIERS & DENTISTS WITH OTHER to £50 g Save up HORSE OwneRs Year A horse can need various yearly inoculations, may need to be tended to by a vet due to an accident & needs a dentist check yearly. These can cost at least €100 a year** plus cali out charges. Get together with other horse owners and make a bulk blocking for dentists & inoculations - saving you up too £25 a time**. Consider talking to your farrier about your horse going barefoot - this may not suit all horses - but this means your horse may have less foot problems and they will only need trimming & no longer need shoeing - this will save you €50 per visit** - giving a saving of €400 a year** BUY EQUIPMenT SAVVY Save €100's a Year Horses need various pieces of equipment - tack, saddles, coats, cleaning & mucking out equipment. Always buy the best equipment you can cheap is false economy. Lookout for sales throughout the year & buy goods out-of-season. Buying a winter coat at the start of summer could save you 50%. Also buy equipment co-operatively with other horse owners & share. Care for your equipment properly - this will help it too last longer. Synthetic tack is cheaper & easier to care for - consider this alternative. Ensure you do not lose your own equipment by keeping it safe & look to create repairs on broken equipment before costly replacements. We Hope you have found some great money saving tips! Quality Timber Stables created at Great prices *Source: **Source:

Horse Owners Save Money

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Being a horse owner can be costly - there is equipment, feed, health, insurance, livery & much more to pay for every month. We show you how you can save hundreds of pounds by making some simple change...




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