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The History Of Show Jumping

ROWEN- Barbary Horse Fes THE HISTORY OF SHOW JUMPING IN IN BRITAIN TIMELINE 1604 张 British Parliament passes the Enclosure Acts, requiring private and common lands to be fenced off Riders needed to jump fences to get to their destinations 1874 A competition known as 'Lepping' was brought to Britain, which saw riders jumping fences introduced to arenas TELEPHONE 1876 The first Jumping show in England was recorded at The Agricultural hall, Islington, London • 1907 The first English show jumping event takes place at Olympia with many of its competitors from the military W W V 1912 The first time show jumping was included as an Olympic sport 1923 The British Show Jumping Association is formed 1972 Orginal Rules in 1925 Refusing or Bolting at any fence 1st 2 faults 2nd 3 faults The British Equestrian Federation, the national governing body of equestrian sport, is formed 3rd Debarment Fall of horse or rider 4 faults Horse touches fence 1/2 fault Horse upsets fence with Fore limbs4 faults 2012 Hind limbs 2 faults Water jump Fore leg in 2 faults Hind legs 1 fault British Show Jumping wins gold at the London Olympics Removing the water fence 1/2 fault TYPES OF SHOW JUMPS START 6 FINISH 3. 4. The Oxer or Spread The Oxer show jump has two verticals placed reasonably close together to make the jump wider. 5. Ascending Oxer The furthest pole is higher than the 1. Vertical A showjump fence that consists of poles directly above each other with no spread or width, to jump. 2. Cross Rail Sometimes called a "cross-pole," two poles crossed with one end of each pole being on the ground and on jump standards so that the center is lower than the sides. first. 6. The Wall This type of showjump is usually made to look like a brick wall, 3. Filler however the "bricks" are constructed This isn't really a type of fence but makes up a solid part below the poles, such as flower boxes or a roll-top. of a lightweight material and fall easily when knocked by the horse. 7. Open water A wide ditch of water. The water can be open or have a jump at the entrance or exit. SHOW JUMPING IN NUMBERS 1 400,000 2 competition starters 4.2 million regular riders in Great Britain 11 million people interested in equestrianism ROWEN- Barbary For tailored feed advice for competition horses, visit the Rowen Barbary website Horse-Feeds

The History Of Show Jumping

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