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Fun Facts About Cats

PRRRR RRRRR. FUN O ABOUT FACTS CATS MiOWWW ORIGINS & DOMESTICATION.. i'M NOt RELateD to that!? today's domestic cat SHARES COMMON ancestry with the AFRICAN WILDCAT the earliest evidence of humans and cats cohabiting comes from a 9,500 year old grave in MIOWW? HERE LIES DAVE 8 also in Egyptian art & mummified cats CYPRUS where a human and his WHISKERS pet were buried together DOMESTICATION BEGAN IN THE MIDDLE EAST A change in farming meant that grain was harvested & stored around human settlements .which attracted a large number of RODENTS Humans valued this resource GOOD JOB! & PROTECTION OF THE GRAIN STORES AGAINST THE RODENTS which encouraged this mutually BENEFICIAL RELATIONSHIP CATS & HUMANS. Research commissioned by Cats Protection shows that felines are good for the health and happiness of people of all ages: CATS HELP CHILDREN UNDER 13 81% OF CHILDREN UNDER 13 SHARE THEIR FEELINGS WITH THEIR PET CAT RATHER THAN A FAMILY MEMBER 65% REPORTED THAT SHARING THEIR FEELINGS WITH THEIR CAT CHEERS THEM UP AND HELPS THEM FEEL HAPPIER I'M GLAD i CAN TALK to YOU CATS HELP PEOPLE 55 AND OVER 79% of people aged 55 and over sometimes prefer to share their feelings with their cat rather than a human 50% SAID THEIR CAT HAD HELPED THEM IN TIMES OF A CRISIS 46% FELT THEIR CAT HAD HELPED THEM COPE BETTER WITH BEREAVEMENT CATS HELP TO BANISH Cats can make men more attractive... THE WINTER BLUES.. WELL helLO Labies. During the months of January and February CAT OWNERS SUFFER 60% LESS headaches than NON-CAT OWNERS and are 21% less likely to catch a 98% of single women said they'd PREFER TO DATE SOMEONE WHO LOVES CATS COLD OR THE FLU! YOU'Re ONe of US. CATS ARE A VITAL PART OF THE HUMAN FAMILY. 64% of owners spent over six hours a day with their cat. 28% of men & 40% of women said they'd change their partner to keep their cat MOST POPULAR CAT NAMES. "based on pet insurance quotes carried out on between Jan-Aug 2013. MALES. FEMALES. Oscar POPPY ChoRLIe BELLA Qufie Mouy Max Muie daisy JosPer Muo tuie SIMBA lora fur GEORGE tisGer Rosie HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE YOUR CAT? COVERED mag design by

Fun Facts About Cats

shared by JessicaDraws on Sep 20
Humanity’s relationship with cats goes back thousands of years. But why have we cultivated a link with these seemingly aloof and independent animals? We’ve taken a closer look at the bond betwee...


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