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Introducing the Cat Lift

ACE Introducing the Cat Lift ACC LIFTS LTD - An Infographic by ACE Lifts - This is Toby. He lives in a small apartment in Since the apartment is so high up, he can't freely come and go from the apartment high-rise building. I used to live in a house with a cat flap and was able to explore outside and return home whenever I chose, but now all I have left are memories and a window. GREAT NEWS! The cat lift will enable your cat to come and go freely no matter how many floors up. No more melancholy cats skulking around at home. Every cat can be as happy as these guys! How the Cat Lift Works The cat lift can be installed in any building and can have a small internal shaft or an external one. The cat lift is similar to a dumbwaiter or mini–service lift, except that a cat flap would be installed at the back. To ensure that your cat is the only creature using this lift, the cat flap is fitted with a chip reading mechanism. A small chip is placed in your cat and the cat flap will only open for a cat with this specific chip. ACE ACE LIFTS LTD Piktochart I make information beautiful

Introducing the Cat Lift

shared by Gabriel8Adams7 on May 09
The cat lift is an innovative product which provides freedom of movement to cats living in high-rise, urban apartments. It works as a cat flap at entry and exit, except that in between is a mini-lift ...


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