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Dogs Decoded

DOGS DECODED FROM WOLVES TO OUR BEST FRIENDS 33,000 YEARS AGO 15,000 YEARS AGO 200 YEARS AGO 33,000 - 15,000 YEARS AGO 15,000 - 20o YEARS AGO 200 YEARS - PRESENT With the advent of agriculture dogs become more popular. Terrier-sized dogs appear 12,0oo to 10,000 years ago - all with the an identical variation of the 15th chromosome, a mutation that causes bones to stay short. This marks the origin of stumpy-legged breeds: Dachshunds, Corgies and Basset Hounds. Gray wolves leave their packs to follow human tribes (and their tasty scraps). Those wolfs mate less and less with their wild kind and becoming ever more tame. These tame Selective breeding begins in earnest. Breed standards and Kennel clubs are established, including the Pug's flat face and the Papillon's fluffy coat. And while the Schnauzer ends up with three gene variants - for long hair, feathery eyebrows and a moustache - the German Shepherd retains a medium, straight coat like wolves. wolves start to look and behave less like their wild kin and more like the loyal companions we know today. Charles Spaniel Brittany Spaniel German Shorthaired Pointer Basset Hound Bloodhound PBGV Dachshund Havanese Standard Poodle Toy Poodle Giant Schnauzer Standard Schnauzer German Shepherd Portuguese Wa ter dog Boston terrier Вохег Bulldog French Bulldog Miniature Bull terrier Staffordshire Bull terries Glen of Imaal Bull mastiff Mastiff Jack Russel Briard Australia Yorkshire terrier Border Collie Cardigan Corgi Pembroke Corgi Old English Sheep dog Borzoi Scottish Deerhound Irish Wolfhound Greyhound Whippet Italian Greyhound Kuvasz

Dogs Decoded

shared by anna-reinbold on Feb 06
The wolf in our living rooms. How much wolf is left in man's best friend? This poster visualises the genetic relationships and diversification of dogs since their domestication from wolves. Long-...




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