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The Benefits of Owning a Pet Infographic

BENEFITS OF OWNING A PET Every pet owner will tell you they love their pet. If fact, some pet owners love them much more than humans. Heck, it's sometimes easier to deal with pets than people. Why is this? Most feel pets provide us with a sense of emotional well-being and unconditional acceptance of who we are. It's that unconditional love that so many of us desire. No other human can give us that one hundred percent of the time. The benefits of a pet not only support our emotional side of things, but can also help our physical health. Now if you don't have a pet today you might want to start thinking about owning a pet. We hope the benefits of a pet we list below will make you a proud pet owner or maybe a new one. NUMBER OF U.S. HOUSEHOLDS THAT OWN PETS Last year, the U.S. saw an increase of household pets. The number grew to 72.9 million households with a pet or 64% of our country's population. The majority of pets included dogs and cats, but there are fish, birds, small mammals, reptiles/amphibians and equine that are included as well. DOG 46.5 MILLION CAT 38 MILLION FISH 12.6 MILLION BIRD 5.7 MĪLLION SMALL MAMMAL 5.0 MILLION REPTILE/ ANPHIBIAN 4.6 MILLION EQUINE 2.4 MILLION *64% OR 72.9 MILLION U.S. households have pets 10 20 30 40 50 MILLION EMOTIONAL BENEFITS OF OWNING A PET Studies have shown owning a pet helps with people's emotional and mental well-being. Many owners feel less lonely, stressed, afraid, depressed, anti-social and more. In addition, there are many dog programs that visit hospitals and nursing homes. They help patients emotionally through their pain and bring them happiness. Here are emotional benefits of owning a pet: Pets can help Pets act as a companion to someone's love life, safeguard and fight against such as, starting a depression or loneliness. conversation and getting a date. People with pets are Pets help with easing stress. After a thought to have long stressful day at work, your pet is there for you. more self-esteem. They are more sociable. Pets make us feel happy. We feel If you lose a loved one, your pet unconditionally will help you get through it. loved. They make us smile and laugh. PRODUCTS FOR YOUR COMPANION NaturVe Quiet Moments HomeoPet d ANXIETY RELIEF TranQuil-Tabs Allatural Calming formu. BONIE Me Tn Calming Aid ANXIETY RELIEF NaturVet Quiet Moments TranQuil Tabs for Dogs HomeoPet Anxiety BONIES Calming Formula Gel for Cats Cruising Companion Car Harness Carriers Petmate Kennel Carriers Pet Beds & More PHYSICAL BENEFITS OF OWNING A PET Doesn't it seem like people that own pets just get out more than people without? It's because pets are interactive and therefore help your physical health. Owning a pet allows you to exercise more and exert more energy just to keep up with them sometimes. When your pet gets you moving it helps your physical body get in shape. Here are physical benefits of owning a pet: Pets can help to lower your blood Pets help with getting you in pressure because they help ease shape. For example, dog stress. Studies show non-pet owners owners walk an average of 300 blood pressure jump an average of 28 minutes a week versus non-dog points versus pet owners jumped 6 owners who average 168 points minutes a week. Pets can help you live longer. Within a year, 1 in 3 patients Having a pet increases your chances without pets passed away of surviving a serious heart attack. 1 in 4 survival rate for pet owners versus 1 in 20 who owned a pet RIP lived longer. So on average, versus 1 in 10 for non-pet owners. people who have owned pets live 3 years longer than people who never have. Pet owners are less likely to suffer from allergies. GET IN SHAPE PRODUCTS WITHA PET 2 Knot Extra Large H20 Jr. Rope Football Petstages Orka Flyer Da Bird Cat Toy Tug Rope Bone PREMIER Come with Me Kitty "Come with Me Kitty" Flexi Retractable Leashes Pet Strollers Hyper Dog Toys Cat Harness

The Benefits of Owning a Pet Infographic

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Besides being cute, owning a pet has many benefits, from lowering your blood pressure and decreasing your chance of heart attacks, to improving your chances at romantic success. Find out why so man...


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