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7 Engineering Wonders of the World – Infographic

Seven ENGINEERING wonders of the world These engineering projects represent some of the boldest achievements in human history. This infographic contains some of the elements that made these engineering feats true wonders of the world. HOOVER DAM At 221m high and 379m long the dam was the largest concrete structure ever built at the time of its construction and still provides power across 3 US states. CONSTRUCTION TIME CST NUMBER OF WORKERS 5 years $49 million 21,000 BIGGEST PROJECT CHALLENGE Diverting the Colorado River The base of the Each of the pipes in the dam can carry Hoover Dam is 200m thick. enough water to fill 900 bath tubs Every state in the US furnished supplies in just 1 second. and materials for the construction of the dam. That's more than 2 American football fields. Enough to build a 4 foot walkway around the Earth's equator. 2.6 billion cubic metres of concrete was used to build the dam. BURJ KHALIFA The skyscraper stands at 829m tall, more than 200m higher than its nearest rival, and is the highest man-made structure in the world. CONSTRUCTION TIME CST NUMBER OF WORKERS 5 years $2.24 billion 12,000 BIGGEST PROJECT CHALLENGE Gauging the effect of wind and how the structure would move The air conditioning units alone produce enough condensation in 1 year to fill 20 Olympic-size swimming pools. The Burj Khalifa is 829m tall. That's nearly 2 Empire State Buildings stacked on top of each other. The lift in the Burj Kalifa moves at 36 km/h. That's as fast as Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world. AKASHI KAIKYO BRIDGE The world's longest suspension bridge has a total length of 3,911m and sits within a major earthquake zone. CONSTRUCTION TIME COST NUMBER OF WORKERS 10 years $4.2 billion 2 million BIGGEST PROJECT CHALLENGE Building the foundations that anchor the bridge to the Akashi Straight The length of the cables used The steel caissons used to hold the in the bridge totals 300,000 kilometres. structure in place each weigh 15,000 tonnes and are 70m tall. That's taller than the Sydney Opera House. Enough to circle the Earth 7.5 times. The Akashi Kaikyo can handle 180mph winds and an earthquake magnitude of up to 8.5. More than enough to withstand the force of Hurricane Katrina or the Fukushima earthquake. CHANNEL TUNNEL EURO TUNNEL The longest undersea tunnel in the world is 31 miles long in total and sits up to 75m below the sea bed. CONSTRUCTION TIME CCOST NUMBER OF WORKERS 6 years $6.95 billion 13,000 BIGGEST PROJECT CHALLENGE Plotting the tunnel's course and having both teams meet in the middle To dig through the course giant boring machines were used with laser navigation. Using geometry & geology, a course was plotted through blue chalk by measuring the sound speed of different types of rock. The smallest boring machine was the same size as two football pitches. Construction required 10 million tonnes of concrete to be devoured. The Earth removed in creating the tunnels was used to add 75 acres of land to Britain's shoreline. That's enough to build 3 Empire State Buildings. THREE GORGES DAM The largest power station ever built with an output of 22,500 megawatts. The hydroelectric energy it produces saves 100 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year. ... CONSTRUCTION TIME CST NUMBER OF WORKERS 18 years $26 billion 250,000 BIGGEST PROJECT Relocation of 1.3 million people whose homes would be flooded CHALLENGE Shifting the mass of water displaced by the dam will literally slow the The dam is 7,661 feet long, rotation of the earth. nearly 600 feet tall and used about 510,000 tonnes And is visible of steel. from the moon The Chinese Government had to relocate 1.3 million people. That's 15% of London's population or the whole of Birmingham. PANAMA CANAL Connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans across Panama, saving marine vessels a near 8,000 mile journey around South America. CONSTRUCTION TIME CST NUMBER OF WORKERS 33 years $375 million 56,307 BIGGEST PROJECT Workers contracting Yellow Fever or Malaria CHALLENGE 25 years into the project, 85% of workers Yellow Fever was successfully Fumigators visited every private home in Panama. had been eradicated hospitalised in Panama. with Yellow Fever. A year-long effort to rid the area of mosquitos cleared 500 square miles of swamp and jungle. That's larger than the whole of Hong Kong. LARGE HADRON COLLIDER The biggest, most complicated science experiment ever built studies the smallest building blocks of the universe. Its 27km circumference takes it beneath both Switzerland & France. CONSTRUCTION TIME CST NUMBER OF WORKERS 10 years $12 billion Unknown BIGGEST PROJECT CHALLENGE Assembling the four major experiment detectors that make up the LHC The Atlas detector weighs 12,500 tonnes To house the Atlas detector, a cavern had to be excavated big enough to hold a 12 story building. That's equal to 1.7 Eiffel Towers The CMS detector was The CMS generates lowered piece by piece a magnetic field 100,000 times the strength of the Earth's. through a 100m shaft-hole. The cavern shaft had to be bored through 50m of glacial ice and water. Engineers pumped liquid nitrogen down the shaft to turn the area into a "Siberian permafrost' to prevent flooding. 300 workers assembled the detectors by connecting the complex sensors by hand in cramped conditions underground. THALES LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT REFERENCES

7 Engineering Wonders of the World – Infographic

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