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What is Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature [Infographic]

WHAT IS BIOMIMICRY?I Innovation Inspired by Nature Nature has been helping to solve engineering problems for decades. In fact, both: & ENGINEERS SCIENTISTS have been turning to nature for inspiration when it comes to solving design struggles. This act of imitating the models and elements of nature has been given the name... BIOMIMICRY DOG FUR INSPIRED VELCRO Invented in 1941 by Swiss Engineer George de Mestral The most famous biomimicry example Inspired by the way plant burrs stuck to dog fur He noticed that they contained tiny hooks that could easily catch on loops of hair & clothing WHALES INSPIRED WIND TURBINES Imitating the way humpback whales user their flippers to manoeuvre in water WhalePower developed • turbine blades with bumps called tubercies Improved efficiency in • irrigation pumps & ventilation fans too 8% increased lift in movement • through air or water PARASITIC WORMS INSPIRED SKIN GRAFTS Techniques for attaching skin grafts inspired by the parasitic worm Pomphorhynchus laevis Pierce the intestines of the host body & inflate inside the tissue Skin graft adhesive sticks strongly with little tissue damage • 3 times stronger than staples used previously in surgery BUTTERFLIES INSPIRED E-READER DISPLAYS Design inspiration taken from ● the way butterfly wings gleam in bright lights Designed by Qualcomm MEMS Technologies Reflects light instead ● of transmitting Has longer battery life • BATS INSPIRED SPY PLANES • USA military surveillance device inspired by bats • COM-BAT commissioned from University of Michigan College of Engineering • Has a solar panel in head and wings shaped like those of the bat • Used to collect large quantities of surveillance data SHARKS INSPIRED NASA BOATS NASA scientists inspired by how sharks stay clear of algae and other people They copied the pattern to create drag-reducing riblets Riblets adapted to a thin film and used to coat the hull of a sailboat Also used on materials for • hospitals and public bathrooms to repel bacteria GECKOS INSPIRED ADHESIVE Geckos can easily scale down walls and walk across ceilings They have millions of minuscule hairs on their toes that could carry 200 pounds Inspired scientists to develop a strong adhesive that could replace hospital staplesS • They have called this Gheckskin Animals have long been the inspiration for those working in & SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY and we're excited to see what else these fascinating designs in nature inspire in future inventions. Invented by :EUROPEAN * SPRINGS & PRESSSINGS LTD www.EUROPEANSPRINGS.COM designed by SearchQuest ------- ---- ------

What is Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature [Infographic]

shared by SQInfographics on Feb 11
Biomimicry is an incredible topic to learn about. For example, did you know that a butterfly inspired the creation of your e-reader display? Find out how animals have been influencing and inspiring e...


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