What skills will you need to succeed in the future?

Top 10 skills

for the successful

21st-century worker


Take a cross-disciplinary

approach to project team-

work. Participate in leading

and following in order to

prepare for your career.

Many businesses

are adopting a participative

management style, which

involves employees in

decision making.

George DeMetropolis

University of Phoenix faculty member

and leadership consultant

Critical thinking

Take coursework that

offers an opportunity to

engage in self-directed,

project-based and applied



Learn in an

environment that

requires participation

in many modes of


Students hold

themselves accountable and

have the opportunity to hold

others accountable for the

good of the team.

Irene Blundell

University of Phoenix

faculty member

Productivity and accountability

Select a school that provides

a code of conduct in learning

situations to build accountability

and productivity.


Choose courses that

are collaborative and

measure success by

team results.


Take advantage of flexible

course schedules and

learning platforms in order

to work, raise a family,

volunteer and learn.


Seek out

learning environments

that build technology and

media fluency.

Global citizenship

Learn in a diverse classroom to gain

opportunities to build cross-cultural


Accessing, analyzing and synthesizing information

Seek out a market-driven

curriculum focused on real

cross-functional issues to

help you think about how

issues interconnect.


Work on developing the ability to solve

current and relevant issues in the safety

of the classroom environment.

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What skills will you need to succeed in the future?

shared by nsaira on Sep 25, 2012 in Business

What skills will you need to succeed in the future?

shared by nsaira on Sep 25, 2012 in Business


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Times have changed for U.S. workers. Companies in the mid-20th century were looking for rule-following, conformist employees who wanted to belong, according to “The Organization Man,” William H. W...
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