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Evolution of Collaboration

Evolution of Collaboration Collaboration evolves with technology, from tinkering with models to sharing ideas in the cloud. But one thing never changes: the need to bring people together, physically or virtually, to refine ideas and ieve great things. BUILDING BLOCKS OF LIFE James Watson and Thomas Crick discovered the structure of DNA by sharing ideas for assembling a model of the iconic double helix, piece by piece, until it fit the data. Test your ideas ruthlessly Visualize ideas with prototypes and models that can be refined 3 Billion Number of base pairs in the human genome • YOU'VE GOT MAIL When email took off in the 197os, a small team worked tirelessly to standardize the new communication tool. Of course, they collaborated by email. Collaboration remotely can be powerful Technology shapes the nature and results of collaboration 182.9 BILLION ^** AA Emails sent per day, 2013 JOBS & WOZ Steve Jobs' collaboration with Steve Wozniak produced the groundbreaking Apple Il computer. At Pixar, he wanted a single set of bathrooms to encourage chance encounters! Some of the best collaborations are spontaneous You can't force great collaborations - but you can help them along 20% Increase in collaboration for every 100 feet of overlap in scientists' walking patterns THE FREE ENCYCLOPEDIA Wikipedia aims for free access to all human knowledge, through a massive volunteer collaboration effort by mostly anonymous users around the world. The internet has enabled collaboration on a new scale Nothing can substitute for passion and enthusiasm 25.66 Million Number of registered wikipedia editors WHAT'S THE BENEFIT OF COLLABORATION? EFFICIENCY GAINS FROM COLLABORATIVE TECHNOLOGIES CAN REDUCE OVERHEAD Percentage of time employees spend per week: 19% 28% Searching for information 14% Answering email Collaborating internally Estimated Savings from Unlocking Productivity with Innovations in Collaboration $900 BILLION - $1.3 TRILLION FLIGHT BY CANTO CONTACT / U.S. +1 (415) 495-6545 [email protected] Sources

Evolution of Collaboration

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Explanation of how collaboration has created success stories over the years.


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