Data Visualization Tools

Visual.ly is working to create tools that help you create beautiful data visualizations in minutes. The goal is to plug and play, then grab and go. It’s a push-button approach to infographics and data visualization that doesn’t require a degree in statistics or a stint in art school.

Visual.ly’s tools come with data feeds and themes built in so all you have to do is authenticate and click a button to create an infographic or data visualization that can then be shared with your friends online and in social media. Once you’ve created an infographic or data visualization, you can apply a theme to make it over with an entirely different look and feel. Over time Visual.ly will add even more feeds, templates, and themes, and you’ll even be able to add your own templates and themes to the tool.

The popularity of data visualization has lead to the arrival of a number of other data visualization tools, some proprietary and some open source, that you can explore. Here’s a sampling.

Tableau Public can turn data into visualizations with a simple drag and drop. You can customize labels, tool tips, interactive filters and legend displays. There’s no programming language to learn, no Flash, no plug-ins, and no API. Instead, you create interactive data visualizations in minutes and embed on your website or blog.

Plot.io is essentially a web-based version of Tableau. You can analyze millions of rows of data in seconds, and publish your visualizations to the web for free, without downloading or installing software.

Many Eyes is a tool that lets you use your own data for data visualization. Simply upload your own data and get well-designed visualizations. Google Public Data lets you turn public data into a simple visualization. And with the Stat Silk tool you can access world data and customize the way the data is presented visually.

And you can always follow our blog where, for example, you can learn how to create bubble charts with Photoshop or how to use the powerful D3 data visualization library.