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Gangnam Style "The 5 Basic Steps"

Gangham Style!!! The 5 Basic Steps

The sudden explosion of a South Korean entertainer called Psy, has given the world Gangham Style. It is setting the music and dance world on fire and has a set sequence. We simplify them for your perusal.

*When to use steps during the chorus*

Step 1
Oppa is Gangham style, ahhh......Gangham style....

Step 2
Oh, oh oh oh oh, Oppa is Gangham style.......

Step 1
Ahhhh.....Gangham style......

Step 2
Oh, oh oh oh oh, Oppa is Gangham style.......

Step 3 or Step 1 (in the last chorus)
Eeeeeh-Sexy lady

Step 1 or Step 2 (in the last chorus)
Oh, oh oh oh oh, Oppa is Gangham style......

Step 4
Eeeeeh-Sexy lady oh oh oh oh.

Step 5 (only at the end)
Oppa is Gangham style.....

Step 1
Riding the Horse

Dress classy and dance cheesy

Cross your hands like taking the horse reins and pulse up and down

Do small jumps with your legs spread like you are riding a horse


Step 2
Lassoing the sexy lady

Lassoing motion with your right arm

Continue with the horse-riding movement


Step 3
Now everybody is looking at me

A. Hands in pockets or waist and small hip side movements combined with the foot steps

B. Finish this move dragging the right leg to the left leg.

Slight kick with the right leg. Alternate with small jumps with the left leg

B. L<---R

Step 4
Combine a few "sexy" moves

A. Cross your hands over your left leg

B. Spread and flex your legs. Move your body up and down three times

C. Now move your hips to the outside with quick movements twice

D. Rotate your right leg three times, maintaining the body position.


Step 5
Finish with a cool pose

A. L

B. "L" shape with your fingers

Spread your arms and raise your right leg (position A). Now get down quickly on your right leg and flex the left one. Now rotate your right arm and with your hand touch your chin doing a "L" shape with your thumb and index fingers (position B)

Gangnam Style "The 5 Basic Steps"

shared by Hugo A Sanchez on Nov 30, 2012 in Entertainment

Gangnam Style "The 5 Basic Steps"

shared by Hugo A Sanchez on Nov 30, 2012 in Entertainment


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Ok ok, maybe it's a little bit late to post a graphic about this topic, or maybe not!... The breaking news with Psy and its Gangnam Style is that right now it's the most viewed video in YouTube hIstor...
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