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White Guy Dance Moves

White Guy Dance Moves Sorting the Recycling The Sprinkler The Microwave The Baconator 1. Lay on floor facing ceiling with arms at side 2. Move hips from side to side 3. Shake legs up and down 4. Roll onto stomach and repeat steps 1. Dominant hand behind the head 1. Imagine a microwave is in front of you 2. Open the door and place item inside 3. Enter cooking time, check your imaginary wrist watch 4. Open door and remove item 5. Eat item using quick scooping motions while hopping to one side of the room.. don't you teel soooo cool? 1. Walk in place with both arms bent at 90-degree angles from the elbow (as if holding two trash bags), 2. Stop and drop bags, bend over 3. While bobbing up and down, start sorting into proper receptacles 2. Arm in air 3. In a jerking motion bring both arms together in a flapping motion as you spin in circles until nauseous or booed off the floor 98% of spectators believe that the person performing this move is having some sort of seizure 9 out of 10 white guys use this as their "go-to' dance move 12% affective in attracting the opposite sex 63% of those who perform this move wind up in the hospital with head-related injuries The Shoplifter The Elaine Benes The Epileplic The Tap Snap 1. With hands tucked under opposite armpits 0 and walking in place, reach one arm out at a e time (as if reaching for an item on the shelf) and pull it back in. 2. Repeat as necessary 1. Bend knees at a 45-degree angle 2. În one fluid motion, throw head back and to the left while jerking one arm 3. Kick one foot out as if trying to dislocate a joint. Rinse and repeat. 1. Stand tall with arms at side 2. Beginning from the feet work up a violent shake 3. Roll eyes into back of head for added effect 1. Bend arms at 90-degrees 2. Snap fingers to the beat of the song 3. Tap foot to the beat of the song 4. Bob head Q. beat of song 2% 46% of those who perform this move are arrested for speculations of misdemeanor theft Statistically the least successful white guy dance move in history, with less than a 2% applause rate 15% of those who perform this move can actually keep a beat 30% of those performing this move end up in a coma Doing Ya' Taxes The Windmill The Running Man Toss the Dice 1. Lick tips of the fingers of right han 2. Move fingers as if typing on calculator 3. Slick hair back with left hand 4. With right hand on top of left, move in an upward motion as if pulling on a piece of gum 5. Drop to knees and throw hands in the air with head back and repeat 1. Right hand in the air, left hand at side 2. Swing arms violently in a forward circular motion 3. Thrust hips back and forth while bending knees in at a 45-degree angle 1. Stand with your feet together, 0 1. With legs hip width apart, lean to one side and bend knees at 45-degree angle a 2. Bend dominant arm at 90-degree angle above head then clench a loose fist and shake 3. After 3 to 5 shakes, throw arm forward and unclench hand 4. Repeat by leaning to other side and using other arm arms rela your 2. Lift and bend your right leg, forming a 90-degree angle then lift and bend your arms, elbows out to the sides with relaxed fists 3. Lower your right leg, sliding your left leg back and lifting the left heel, while leaning slightly forward and push your arms down 4. Repeat these hip steps over and over again. tii I'm cookin' MCs like a pound of bacon 43% of those who perform this move develop tennis elbow, but 100% have never played tennis 75% of those who perform this move have never octually done taxes 3 out of 4 spectators are injured as a result of being too close to performer 90% of those who perform this move know all the lyrics to Vanilla Ice's "Ice lce Baby" Designed By Killer Infographics data threads INFOGRAPHIC T-SHIRTS & MORE!

White Guy Dance Moves

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Are you a white guy looking to fit in with all the other white guys on the dance floor? If so, then this handy infographic is for you.


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