@TwitterSmallBiz presents
The Value of a Twitter Follower
@TwitterSmallBiz presents
The Value of a Twitter Follower
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Joe gets a Tweet.
The smoothie shop is next door to SoCal Surf Company.
Joe had heard of SoCal Surf Company before but didn't know much about them.
While enjoying his smoothie, Joe checks out @SoCalSurfCo's Twitter timeline. Learning that they carry his favorite surf brands, he follows them to get updates on new products.

Joe also clicks through to @SoCalSurfCo's website and signs up for their newsletter.
of people who follow small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) follow to get updates on future products.
of people who follow brands are more likely to visit the company's website.
As Joe continues to scroll through @SoCalSurfCo's Twitter timeline, he sees a Tweet that scores him a deal on surf wax.
Joe retweets this Tweet to share the deal with his friends. His relationship with this surf company is off to a good start - he's become an advocate already.
of SMB followers retweet because they like SMB's content.
A few days later, Joe tweets @SoCalSurfCo for advice.
Joe remembers he has some superglue and is thankful he can still enjoy his day of surfing.
After receiving @SoCalSurfCo's tip, Joe tweets a recommendation of their staff to his followers.
Later that day, Joe sees a timely Tweet from @SoCalSurfCo.
Their website shows that his size is in stock. To make sure he doesn't miss out on this great deal, he purchases online.
of followers are more likely to make a future purchase.
Joe is thrilled when he gets his new wetsuit in the mail just a few days later.
of Twitter users feel more connected to an SMB after they begin following them.
A few hours later, Joe responds with a picture.
Joe's friends find the interaction hilarious and retweet his Tweet, sharing the picture of @SoCalSurfCo's inventory with their followers.
of people who follow/interact with SMBs mention an SMB to share a positive experience.
As a follower of @SoCalSurfCo, Joe has taken a number of actions that benefit their business.
Now multiply that benefit by the 17 followers he helped attract. Then multiply that benefit by all the followers @SoCalSurfCo can attract in the future.
That's the value of followers on Twitter.
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