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Matthew Cantwell's work history presented as a metro transit map

To create a memorable impression while in an interview, create an infographic of the highlights of your resume and review it with the interviewer. Just one side of page. This example represents the work history (resume) of Matthew Cantwell, Business Development Executive. It lists the years going bottom to top (2009th street, 2011th street etc...) then the roles placed on the page depending on the impact of that role on revenue (right side, lower revenue impact, left side higher revenue impact.)
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A Decade with KPMG

It has been and continues to be an excellent adventure. KPMG provided me great opportunity in working on exciting projects and am really inspired by great team members. Overall I am very proud of my achievements. I demonstrated KPMG’s values and behaviors to a very high standard because of the consistent support of my team members and my leadership. I learned a lot in last 5 years – I was presented with challenging opportunities to improve out-of-the box (or out-of-the-cube) thinking.
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