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The Turkeys of the Super Fail Committee

A committee of house and senate members was put together to come to an compromise over the tax bill. This infographic provides a list and pictures for the senators and representatives in that committee.
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[FAILED] Superheroes of the Super Committee

The Super Committee announced this week their failure to compromise regarding cuts to federal spending. What are the implications?

Hitting the Ceiling: How Will the Budget Control Act of 2011 Affect the Nation?

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Superheroes of the Super Committee

Americans are holding out for a hero on spending. Maybe even a superhero. What if there was a group of lawmakers whose sole mission was to scrutinize our spending and find at least $1.2 trillion in cuts in a sweeping effort to control the country’s economic crisis? Sounds like something we could really use. Maybe we could even call it a super-committee? Well…apparently we’ve got one. Today, we introduce the members of the super-committee like you won’t see them anywhere else.
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