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Expert Technician Fix Your Broken Mobile Phone

Cellcrazy expert in repair all broken or damaged mobile phones. We have certified technician to fix your issues broken or cracked screen, software installation & configuration and repair your smartphone within 24 hours at reasonable price. For more detail visit us or you can contact us 0175 369 6664.
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Screen Print VS IDP Print

This is a simple info graphic created to show the difference between Screen Printing and Image Digital Printing on clothes.
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Xperia Z Ultra: The colors magnifier

The Triluminos screen shows you a wide range of colors and subtle shades. This unique Sony technology gives life to images as true as reality's.
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Xperia Z Ultra: Ready for showtime!

With its perfect 6,4" full HD (1080x1920) format, the Xperia™ Z Ultra will give greatness to all your visual contents. Quality and comfort in ZU's spotlight.
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Intel Tablet Trading Card

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iOS 6 vs iOS 7

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Second Screen Revolution

You’re sitting on the couch watching TV with your electronic gadget in hand. You’re downloading a new song from iTunes because that artist you just heard in the latest beer commercial totally rocks and you have to have that song. Or maybe you’re just chatting with your friends on your favorite social network about the latest episode of “Idol”, debating who will make it to the next round. All the latest technologies have converged and you are now an interactive viewer.

Screen Printing 101

All you need to know about screen printing! This infographic tells you all about screen printing, from it's timeline, importance and breakthroughs in history to it's current popularity, usage and techniques in the design industry and otherwise.

Video and Screen Capture Hardware

VGADVI Recorder is a stand-alone video recording appliance designed for smooth data capturing and processing. This <a href=””>Video Capture</a> Hardware is a compact solution which can be easily connected to digital and analogue sources and simultaneously record video in a high quality.
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The Evolution Of The Cinema Screen

The idea that bigger is better has never rang more true than with movie theaters. From the first public screening to present day blockbusters, audiences have shown again and again that the bigger the screen, the more they enjoy the experience.


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