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Human Rights - The City of 2030

City governments must, though active participation, design and implement powerful policies for social cohesion, based on its democratic values, on gender equality, human rights, and the people's "right to the city"
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Ganti Rugi Maskapai Indonesia

In English : Compensation for overdue aircraft in Indonesia. In Indonesia some airways company aren't really serious to manage this compensation.
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Hospitals: from curing to caring

Influencing the behaviours of patients can greatly improve the quality of healthcare delivery according to our survey and case studies

Public Allies 2011 Alumni

While Public Allies continues to change the face of leadership with its diverse and empowered young men and women, the organization often needs more than mere numbers to communicate the difference their work makes. We proposed and created a visually-striking infographic, one that would resonant with their members and encompass the importance of their efforts.
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