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Common Problems faced by College Tenant

College Annex provide rental apartments to college students near College and University. Its platform is so designed that it cater landlords and renters together. Renters can browse thought its large inventory and landlord can list their vacant property here. check out their website to know more.
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Tax Season Problems

Tax season problems, and how to solve them. How you can make your life easier this tax season.
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Eight Daily Global Problems

Eight simple facts about people and the environment that we can't afford to overlook. Marine litter, rainforest destruction, deaths from water related diseases, carbon dioxide production and many more facts that should point out that something has to be done. It's our responsibility to reduce these figures.
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Poor state of engineering in India

This infographic shows the poor state of engineering affairs in India.
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Roofs, Hail Damage, Insurance and Colorado

Many people don't know much about their roof, or the potential damage that can occur from heavy storms. This infographic is focused on Colorado, but has some national statistics as well. It describes number of storms, storm damage in dollar amount, amount of shingles thrown away vs recycled, warranty information and insurance claims information. From Metro Construction, Inc, a Colorado company specializing in roofing, insulation, siding, windows and painting.
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